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Chris Cuomo Sends A Photo of The Bicep To Twitter Troll In ‘Weirdest’ Twitter Response

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has responded to a troll on twitter by sending them an image of his bicep. The tweet was posted in response to criticism about his recent interview with Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s counselor.

It is not clear if he sent it as a joke or if he just wanted the troll off his back but either way, this is one of the weirdest responses we have seen from any celebrity on social media.

It seems that trolls are getting more and more creative when it comes to trying to get celebrities reactions online. This will be interesting how other celebrities

When Chris Cuomo of CNN engaged with an unverified account to retaliate against a Twitter user who taunted him online by posting a close-up image of his bicep, some people began searching for what it meant.

Every day, celebrities are trolled on social network sites, and if anything is associated with famous people, it’s a careful study and a mocking response. Chris, on the other hand, saw it as a great method to get attention.

However, this got Chris in even more hot water.

What Exactly Does This Counterblast Entail?

The incident took place in the midst of Governor Cuomo’s discussion about a study from Seaside, Florida, which detailed the collapse of a condo complex.

All was well until Peter M. Pietrowski replied and called Cuomo a ‘Fredo,’ an insult referring to Frederico Corleone from The Godfather (the ‘weakest’ Corleone brother), and therefore used to to denote a member of a group as incompetent or fragile which was used to offend him.

The spoof Twitter account with about 300 followers mocked Chris Cuomo by claiming that he regularly disputes facts he doesn’t like. Cuomo might have disregarded it, but he instead roasted it.

In response to a Twitter user who claimed that Don Lemon loves himself so much that he’d break his own arm stroking himself, Joe shared an amusing photograph of his bulging bicep.

The Twitter post shows Kim, who is wearing a shirt that reads “I’m back”. Kanye took the picture. This is how it happened, according to Kim? Hahahaha.

Come on, sweetheart, don’t be such a stick in the mud. You can do better than this petty bs.

The picture sparked a whirlwind of controversy, with users describing it as the weirdest and cringe-worthy, while also making fun of the TV host’s scandal-ridden sibling. This is the most odd response I’ve seen in a long time, according to journalist Beth Baumann.

The replies became a controversy almost immediately.

The controversy began after Chris posted a photo of his biceps, which was soon invested. The quarrel attracted Governor Cuomo’s attention throughout the day, as he spent it responding to comments on Twitter, many of which lambasted him for being hypocritical in calling for his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo to step down.

Later, The New York Times reported that the State’s Department of Health may have under-reported the Covid -19 pandemic in nursing homes throughout New York state.

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Here Are Some Defensive Posturing Alternatives-

The tweet storm against him raised concerns about his career, with one user asking, “are you going to ask your brother the same questions?” ‘If you believe we should,’ claims were made against his brother, a user wrote.

Your brother’s record of murdering nursing home patients may be continued without end.

It’s also said not to separate bad humans. Chris, you and your coworkers are doing important work and doing it very well. Thank you so much for your time, brother. And please have a nice day.

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It took a long time for New York Post Journalist Karol Markowicz to respond, when she wrote, “You disrupted quarantine when you were actually unwell with Covid.”

“Rebekah Jones, refering to the COVID-19 data scientist ‘whistleblower,’ who was later revealed to have lied about his inflated numbers in Florida,” Drew Holden wrote.

Following the demands of Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been hosting Rebeka Jones on his television show several times, her allegations were enhanced.

In the controversy Cuomo responded to a series of tweets directed at him including one from a user who said he might break his arm pleasuring himself, and many more muddled responses like this, most of the reactions to Cuomo’s tweet were obscene and pretty much disturbing.

Cuomo could want to consider more next time he presses the tweet button if he wants to be saved from this enormous Twitter blunder.

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