Chinese actor Kris Wu’s accuser seems to have falsely put forth her story for online popularity

High Life

The police in Beijing’s Chaoyang district which is responsible for handling the case arrived at the results with unusual speed, issuing them just days after the most condemnatory of the allegations against Wu emerged.

Earlier this month, Du Meizhu, 19 had accused Wu that he had gotten drunk at a party and date-raped her. In an interview and subsequent posts, she said that he has done the same with at least seven other very young women, often found via casting calls or selected from his fan groups.

Police’s verdict states that Du hyped up her story in posts written with a friend “in order to enhance their own online popularity.” Other posts were indeed posted by her but written by a male online writer seeking to “spin profit from the situation.”

Du has posted what she calls videos and screenshots of money she received from accounts listed as owned by Wu and his mother. The police stated that these transactions were the result of another fraudster — a 23-year-old male in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, who tried to take advantage of the viral situation to gain money from both sides.

The police force said in their official statement said, that they have “interrogated suspects, interviewed the parties [involved], visited witnesses, obtained documentary evidence, and secured and extracted electronic evidence” to generate their findings. They remain, however, in the middle of an investigation into the other sexual assault claims against Wu that have exploded online, and will deal with its results “in accordance with the law.”

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