Queen Elizabeth is having the time of her life at the Annual Royal Windsor Horse Show.

High Life

Queen Elizabeth who recently celebrated her 95th birthday was seen attending the 77th annual show on Saturday, and she looked absolutely delighted. 

The queen was accompanied by her son Prince Edward, along with his wife Sophie Countess of Wessex and their daughter Lady Louise Windsor. While attending the event she had a very informal outfit, dressed in a grey shirt topped with a green cardigan over which she wore a dark navy-blue quilted jacket. She accessorized her look with pearl earrings, a black wristwatch, and brown flat shoes. 

The queen claims the Royal Windsor Horse Show to be one of her favorite shows, which was crystal clear as she has a gleaming smile over her face for the entire show.  Her Majesty was also present for the show on Thursday and Friday. The queen is very fond of horses and it is no surprise, as it is well documented by many. She received her first Shetland pony, at the age of 4. Therefore, we can clearly make out the adoration that she might have for horses, as she has grown up with one. 

The Royal Windsor horse show is a horse show held annually since 1943 for five days in May or June in Windsor Home Park. The show is the only one in the United Kingdom to host the international competition for dressage, showjumping, carriage driving, and endurance riding. In addition, there are over 130 showing classes.  

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