‘High School Musical’ fame Joshua Bassett opens up about experiencing homophobia after coming out as queer

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We know how the society worldwide as well as Hollywood sometimes despise actors and celebrities who publicly come out as a part of the LGBTQ community, spreading hate and homophobic comments right away.

Disney Channel’s ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ fame and costar Olivia Rodrigo’s ex boyfriend Joshua Bassett had recently come out as queer and hasn’t remain untouched by such aftermaths of same sexual preferences.

In conversation with ‘Attitude Magazine’, on Wednesday, August 11, the 20 year old actor opened up on the homophobic comments and negativity he received on his sexuality post coming out, sharing, “I thought we were a lot further on than we are.”

He further added, “This was the first time where I was subjected to a lot of homophobia. You know, I seem ‘straight’ to everyone I meet, pretty much, and I have had to see that [homophobia] first-hand. Seeing that put things into perspective, of how far along we aren’t yet.”

Extracting something positive from the comments that he’s been receiving after coming out, Joshua shared, “On the flip side of all that are the responses I’ve gotten from people saying, ‘I’ve never had somebody put into words exactly how I feel’ or ‘Thank you so much for helping me be seen,’ or ‘I can’t be who I am around my family, but because of you I feel a little bit safer, a little bit more at home.'”


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