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Chicago Fire Season 11 Release Date Status, News & Everything You Need To Know

Chicago fans, it’s time to get excited for the 11th season of Chicago Fire. It’s hard to believe that this popular Dick Wolf show is in its eleventh season, but it is, and every season brings exciting new stories with big consequences for the cast, especially after what happened in season 10.

The show was picked up for another three years in 2020, so season 11 is the last year of that contract. Due to the popularity of all three Chicago shows on NBC, Chicago Fire is likely to get another season this coming year.
Since you can stream all of the old seasons on Peacock, now is a great time to catch up on the show before the new season starts in the fall.

Here’s what we know about season 11 of Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire season 11 release date

The 11th season of Chicago Fire will come out on NBC on September 21. Open your phones’ calendars and mark the date.

No one knows for sure when it will be available on UK streaming sites, but hopefully, it won’t be too long.

Even though it’s coming out in just over a month, many people will feel like they have to wait too long. Lucky for those fans, there is good news on this front, which is a sneak peek into what will happen in season 11.

Daniel Kyri (who plays Ritter on the show) recently posted a new set video. Those of us with sharp eyes will have seen Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Severide (formerly Kidd) in the video. The most important thing is that they will have seen that she is wearing her wedding ring.

This could mean that this season 11 scene takes place after her wedding and honeymoon. It could also be a scene from the past. Who can say? Who are they? The people who made it, but since they aren’t saying much, we’ll have to keep an eye out for news.

Either way, the post is good news because it shows that things are moving forward and season 11 won’t be too far behind.

Chicago Fire season 11 cast:

Jesse Spencer left the program in October when his character Captain Matthew Casey decided to parent his late best friend Andy Darden’s boys.

Captain Casey returns for season 10 to witness his best buddy marry. Casey and Sylvie Brett discuss their future plans, with Casey wishing Sylvie to stay with him forever.

She notes that he’s where he should be, fighting wildfires, while she’s in Chicago. Sylvie may return to Firehouse 51 permanently.

chicago fire season 10 cast
chicago fire season 10 cast

Spencer won’t be a series regular in season 11. The closing appearance gives us hope for future cameos. Cheers! Spencer’s departure has fans worried that Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide, may also leave.

We hope the strong cliffhanger between Severide and Stella in season 10 means Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo will reprise their roles.

As for the rest of the cast, we’d expect (and hope) to see all of the following back:

• Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden
• Christian Stolte as Randall McHolland
• Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz
• Randy Flagler as Capp
• David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann
• Anthony Ferrari as Tony
• Daniel Kyri as Ritter
• Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami
• Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo

What can we expect from the storyline of Chicago Fire season 11?

The last episode of season 10 of Chicago Fire aired on May 25. It set up another season full of drama. We wouldn’t have thought otherwise.

Fans were happy to see Severide and Stella get married in the episode, but that doesn’t mean the wedding didn’t have a few problems.

The first marriage didn’t last long because Severide’s best friend Casey came up with a plan when the wedding venue fell through at the last minute. He found a ship captain to marry the couple on a boat.

The big cliffhanger happened when several trucks pulled up to the cabin where the newlyweds were spending their first night together. These were probably the dangerous drug dealers who had a grudge against Severide.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens when the show comes back for season 11, but it’s possible that it will either pick up right where season 10 left off and show Stellaride facing the situation, or start with the aftermath of whatever happens there.

Chicago Fire Season 11 Plot
Chicago Fire Season 11 Plot

We hope the Instagram gods didn’t tease us with Stella’s short appearance in the post, because that would be mean.

Kinney said, “I don’t know about kids, but I’m excited,” when asked about the newlyweds’ future and whether they might start a family. This could mean, at the very least, that death was not in the cards.

When talking about the new episodes Kinney said:

“It’s never lost on me how special it is to be a part of something with the longevity this has.”

“It’s a testament to [show creator] Dick Wolf and the team of people he puts together.”

Where can I watch all seasons of Chicago Fire?

Watch Chicago Fire Streaming Online | Hulu


  • Did Netflix remove Chicago Fire?

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the drama about Firehouse 51 on Netflix right now. So, if you want to know what happens to the firefighters who show up in Chicago Med, you won’t be able to find out on our favorite streaming service.

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