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‘Chesapeake Shores’ Season 6: Have You Watched the Episode 8? A Recap

Can you get away from the past? In the eighth episode of Season 6 of Chesapeake Shores, a DNA test showed a shocking place where Evan’s father lived. This led to some of the show’s biggest dramas to date.

At the same time, Jess put on a reenactment of a historical event that made people question everything they thought they knew about the town. Another thing that happened was that a Hollywood star came to town to offer Bree a movie deal.

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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 8 showed us one thing for sure: the O’Brien family has many more stories to tell. I am sure the actors are ready to move on, and I am sure Hallmark wants to bring in new viewers with new episodes, but it does not feel like we are getting close to the end.

With the bitter taste of Good Witch’s cancellation still in my mouth, I hope that the writers were able to end this story well when Chesapeake Shores was not renewed for a second season. Kevin and Sarah are an excellent place to start.

Even though they have been together for most of the show, Sarah is still not fully part of the family. Yes, I know it is a topic I talk about a lot, but after Sarah painted Kevin’s toenails to relive some of the magic she felt at the spa with her sisters-in-law, it is still worth talking about.

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The whole thing got worse when she said that she always wanted sisters when she was young. As friendly as Margaret and Evan have found the O’Briens, I do not remember the same for Sarah. I am not even sure David was welcomed as warmly at this point.

David’s story is also important because he has been stuck with the drama at the inn and with his father for the whole season. Finally, the man was in scenes outside the inn, but only because he asked Kevin for legal advice and, in the end, because no one else would represent his father.

Think about how much there is to say about these O’Briens, who are often forgotten. Sarah and Kevin are expecting a child, and I can not wait to see them as parents.

When the show began, Abby’s kids were already little people. It would have been so fun to see how the family welcomed a new baby into the group.

Even better would be if Sarah could join the sisterhood for real. When I think back to the first few seasons, David and Jess’s relationship was so fun and lovely, but lately, they have been having many problems.

They are so kind and giving but have too many bad things happen to them. When O’Brien put David on the back burner while he dealt with his dad’s possible criminal activity, it did not work out well for them as a couple, and they lost the magic they had at the beginning.

I know that couples have all kinds of problems, and I do not think it is unfair that the writers get to play with those stories. I wish I had more time to give them what they deserve in the long run.

The same could be said about Evan, who has become a joy to watch in Season 6 of Chesapeake Shores. One of the first things we learned about him was that he was an odd billionaire, mostly because he lived alone. He was not as alone as he thought he was.

Even though Hallmark movies are getting better at telling deep stories, it would have been interesting to learn more about Evan’s family and why his mother never told him the truth. There will probably be an explanation, but it will not be as good as the possibilities, and when a show is coming to an end, that is sometimes all I can see.

Megan and Mick are now as official a couple as they have ever been, so that is good news. But it looks like their journey is just getting started.

First, they did not get along because Megan left the family and hurt them for years. Then, just when they were getting along again, Megan’s career and Mick’s arrival drove a wedge between them.

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Mick and Megan were meant to be together on the show Chesapeake Shores. I have loved seeing how friendly they have become toward each other, and I wish we had a little more time to enjoy them.

Bree’s relationship with Luke was put in danger again in “I Get a Kick Out of You,” which made me miss the O’Brien family even more than I already did. As soon as Luke said he wanted to go to the baby shower with Bree but would have to leave early to visit his parent’s graves, I knew we were in trouble.

It was so out of place that the only thing that could happen was for him to hit an icy patch of road in the middle of summer and die in a fiery crash. There was not an enormous fireball, but Luke risked his life to stop a robbery.

If Luke had not been convicted of a crime and worked very hard to make up for his terrible mistake, this would seem like just another non-event used for drama. But as they end, shows like to remind us a little too often that life goes on and with it comes death.

Parenthood, an NBC show, is a good example. In the end, dad’s ashes were spread on a baseball field after he died in his easy chair right before the show ended. If Luke did not make it, it would be a reminder that life goes on, even when it hurts, and that one mistake does not define you. It would also show the family that they can get through anything with the love of each other.

Even though there was no death in the Good Witch finale, Abigail and Donovan broke up after two years of showing the world, both supernatural and human, that they were meant to be together. Instead, in the last hour of her life, Abigail began a whole new path.


That is why it would not be surprising if Bree, who is about to have a great career, lost the man she loves. Now, I have not seen the preview, so you probably know more about what comes next than I do.

But Luke’s story would not be wrong if it cost him his life. It would be an unfortunate thing to do. And not everyone is meant to be in a long-term relationship, so Bree’s future, which seems to be a successful writing career where her books win Oscars, would also be a success story, even if it is not the kind usually seen in Hallmark movies.

But a near-miss and Luke’s survival could also turn the story in a good direction for both of them. Luke would know for sure that his mistake was a one-time thing, and he could go on with his life knowing he had a good heart. When she almost lost Luke, she could finally love him without fear or doubt.

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Luke’s life is balanced, and both choices are good story ideas, but one is practical, and the other is heartwarming. So, with all of that in mind, and with my arms flailing as I passionately tell you what I think, just like my Chesapeake Spirit Sister Bree would, I want to know how you want the story to end.

What stories do you wish we could spend more time with? Does love have to be a part of a Hallmark happy ending? Let me know what you think, and do not forget that you can watch Chesapeake Shores online through TV Fanatic!


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