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Cleveland fishing tournament winners caught cheating, stuffing fish weights

The official is seen in the now-viral video extracting one or more lead weights from the fish. Jake Runyan, a professional fisherman, was in the middle of a major controversy when a video of him being caught in a cheating scandal went viral. Jake and he took first place in a fishing event in Cleveland.

Runyan and his fishing buddy Chase Cominsky won the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship by sweeping both the Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl and the Walleye Slam in the same year (2021). In addition to sharing a name, the dynamic duo…

A video of professional fisherman Jake Runyan became viral on Twitter on October 1 after being posted by Barstool Sports blogger Billy Football. Although the video’s disorganized structure may be off-putting at first, it soon becomes clear that Runyan and his absent partner, Chase Cominskey, were embroiled in a scandal involving an affair.

As an official at the contest begins cutting each of the team’s fish open, spectators can be heard clamoring for someone to “call the cops.” After each catch, the official removes a couple of lead weights and some fillets from smaller fish within the larger one.

All five of Runyan and Cominsky’s captures contained weights and fillets, and the entire controversy was photographed and filmed by onlooking onlookers. The video goes viral, exposing Jake Runyan and Chase Cominsky in a fishing cheating scam.

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The video shows Cominsky departed the tournament before the enraged mob of competitors and spectators formed, leaving Runyan to take the rap for the incident. A man’s voice heard off-screen yelled that Runyan had been cheating for years and had been caught at last.

How many f**king tournaments have you done this in?” Runyan was asked on the spot. The Cleveland, Ohio native and his partner Chase Cominsky won the Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl and the Walleye Slam in the same month in 2021.

According to Runyan, the total of these historic victories was $306,000. However, the pair’s extraordinary victories are now being called into question because they were implicated in the most incredible fishing scam in modern history.

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