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Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date Status Update: Everything We Know So Far

Today’s world is plagued by the fact that people have lost their fondness for chainsaws as fictional weapons. Films such as “Evil Dead” and “Scarface,” as well as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Scarface,” once shocked and awed moviegoers with gory splatterfests. Right now, in our imaginary world, our characters keep their chainsaws locked away in a shed. Weapons like guns are too simple, whereas swords aren’t nearly as exciting or exciting to use. The world needs a chainsaw, not a sledgehammer.

Fortunately, one manga has been trying its utmost to re-inspire humanity’s trust in the chainsaw. . Manga series “Chainsaw Man” has done everything in its power to re-enchant its readers with the obscene gratuity of chainsaw warfare, created by Tatsuki Fujimoto and originally released through Shonen Jump in 2018 (via Anime News Network). It appears to be working. In the manga world, “Chainsaw Man” swiftly rose to prominence.

An anime adaptation was inevitable, given the popularity of such a successful series, as seen by the release of its debut trailer. Denji, a human high school student who establishes a contract with a devil canine to become “Chainsaw Man,” leads viewers on a gloomy trip through the cruel universe of the anime. Make sure you have enough gas in the tank and crank your engines because things are about to become dangerous. What we know about “Chainsaw Man” at this point.

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date

In an official tweet and at the popular anime and manga convention Jump Festa 2022, Chainsaw Man has been confirmed for a 2022 release.

Japanese animation company MAPPA is behind the animated series, which is based on the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Cast

There’s another huge mystery associated with “Chainsaw Man.” No official cast members for the show have been announced. Heck, the reveal trailer doesn’t even feature any voice-over work. Unfortunately, this means manga fans who were excited to hear Denji and the rest of the “Chainsaw Man” roster speak will have to wait.

Even if MAPPA has yet to come forth with an official cast list, we do have a good handle on the cast size since the manga has long since introduced a core cast of characters. In addition to our main chainsaw-slinging chum Denji, “Chainsaw Man” focuses on his adventures with a squad of Public Safety Devil Hunters led by Makima. Apart from Denji, she has recruited the fiends (devils that possess human corpses) Power, and Aki to her cause. Assuming MAPPA’s adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” stays faithful, these four characters (and whoever plays them) will make up the bulk of what viewers will see once the anime finally releases.

Chainsaw Man Anime Cast
Chainsaw Man Anime Cast

The chances are high that we will learn more, and hear more, about the cast of “Chainsaw Man” as we approach the show’s inevitable release (whenever that is). Information may seem sparse now, but the excitement for a new show hinges on how well it is built up through promotion. The juicy details probably won’t leak until fans have been given a little more time to stew in their own suspense.

Chainsaw Man Anime plot

There is no official release date or cast for “Chainsaw Man,” but we can tell you what you may expect when the anime finally premieres. So much storey to go around in “Chainsaw Man,” which is three years ahead of its cartoon equivalent. So here’s what you need to know:

dejected high-schooler Denji is the protagonist of “Chainsaw Man” set in an alternate 1997, where devils (creatures based on human phobias) are as widespread as household pests. Denji is a low-level demon hunter for the Yakuza, having been forced to work for them in order to pay off his father’s debts. Pochita, his chainsaw devil/dog, lends a hand.

Chainsaw Man Anime plot
Chainsaw Man Anime plot

However, when Denji’s Yakuza friends inflict an unexpected murder on him, everything changes. Pochita strikes a pact with his owner in order to avoid this fate. Denji transforms into “Chainsaw Man” after the two merge into a devil-human hybrid. In place of his hands and face, Denji now wields a chainsaw to do battle for the Public Safety Division of the government. Even though the events that follow are laced with gore and more than a little R-rated humour, readers who enjoy their fiction with a dash of warped surrealism will find much to enjoy.

Chainsaw Man Stream on Netflix or Crunchyroll

At this time, it is unclear which western streaming service will be granted streaming rights to Chainsaw Man. Crunchyroll has previously streamed episodes from MAPPA, like Japanese Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1, in their entirety. A recent rumour, on the other hand, suggests that Netflix might be the future home of Chainsaw Man. This is a question that we are unlikely to receive an answer to until a little closer to the show’s real release date, and one that we are even less likely to receive an answer to before the show’s official release date has been announced.

Chainsaw Man Trailer

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