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Casey Affleck Controversy: What to Know About the Story

Casey Affleck, in complete Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt, (born August 12, 1975, Falmouth, Massachusetts, U.S.), American actor who received admire for his capacity to deliver inner conflict. His overall performance as Lee Chandler, a surly and emotionally shut-down handyman who after the loss of life of his brother is known as dad or mum of his teenage nephew, in Manchester with the aid of using the Sea (2016), earned him important accolades in addition to a BAFTA award, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for first-class actor.

The producer and cinematographer of his mockumentary ‘I’m Still Here’ accused the ‘Manchester by the Sea’ star of a long cycle of sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

Casey Affleck Just Addressed #MeToo and the Harassment Allegations Against Him

Say Affleck has given the first substantive interview about the sexual harassment allegations against him. A woman is suing an actor. Affleck settled both lawsuits out of court, but the allegations resurfaced in the news before he won the 2017 Oscar for Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea. “It was an unprofessional environment. You know, I had to stop being one of the producers.

I had to take responsibility for that. It was a mistake. “I have contributed to this unprofessional environment and tolerated this type of behavior from other people, and I wish I hadn’t. And I really regret it. I really didn’t understand what my responsibilities as a boss were. I don’t even know if I thought I was the boss. But I behaved in a way and allowed others to behave in a really unprofessional way. ”

In his new movie, The Old Man & The Gun, which hits theaters this fall, Casey Affleck discusses his Oscar nomination for Best Actress and his previous sexual abuse amidst #MeToo and Time’s Up withdrawal campaigns. has publicly spoken out about its dismissal from the allegations of The ‘Manchester by the Sea’ actor joined the podcast ‘Armchair Expert’ hosted by Dax Shepard to talk about how he’s dealing with the cheating allegations against him.

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Here’s What to Know About the Controversy

In 2010, Affleck was sued by two women who worked on the film I’m Still Here. Their lawsuit resulted in him being accused of repeated sexual harassment and slander. Another producer claimed that Affleck grabbed her “forcefully” to blackmail her into staying with him in a hotel room. Affleck, 43, denied the allegations and threatened to counterclaim.

Instead, he settled out of court in 2010 for an undisclosed amount. “The way some people see me these days has been frustrating because it’s the complete opposite of who I am. But I don’t seem to be against what I really want to defend, so I felt it was best to keep quiet,” he said on the podcast.

Why He Stayed ‘quiet’ Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Casey Affleck On Harassment Allegations: ‘I behaved in a way that was really unprofessional’

In December 2008, Amanda White agreed to function a manufacturer on an untitled documentary headed with the aid of using Affleck and Flemmy Productions, which in the end have become I`m Still Here. She had a decade-lengthy records of running with Affleck. Over the direction of filming, White alleged within side the criticism that she become time and again harassed.

On one occasion, she claimed that Affleck ordered a group member to take off his pants and display White his penis—even after she vehemently objected. She claimed that Affleck time and again stated girls as “cows,” and mentioned his sexual exploits with reckless abandon. In her criticism, White recalled Affleck asking her “Isn`t it approximately time you get pregnant?” as soon as he discovered her age, and suggesting that she and a male group member reproduce.

As a part of her manufacturer duties, White become additionally requested to renegotiate an settlement with Magdalena Gorka, the film`s director of photography. Gorka had formerly left the assignment because of an alleged comparable sample of harassment. In her criticism, Gorka defined her remedy on the fingers of Casey Affleck as “the maximum traumatizing of her career.”

Why are some people peeved about Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination?

Not everyone applauded when Casey Affleck won his first Oscar for his performance at Manchester by the Sea on Sunday night. Many turned down Affleck’s nomination for Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 2010 over sexual harassment allegations against the star. Two days later, in an interview with his local newspaper, The Boston Globe, Affleck was asked about his feelings and reaction to winning.

These sorts of allegations haven`t usually acted as insurmountable limitations to endured Hollywood success. Audiences have traditionally stood with the aid of using guys who’ve been accused of harassment, sexual assault, and abuse. But with the aid of using selectively deciding on which stars to place thru the wringer, the media will become complicit on this cycle of clean forgiveness and celebrity-associated amnesia.

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Interesting Facts To Know About Casey Affleck

  • He is obviously the younger brother of Ben Affleck, but are they close?
  • He got the lead role in Manchester By The Sea after Matt Damon dropped out
  • Casey is a huge fan of Denzel Washington
  • He starred in his brother’s movie Gone Baby Gone
  • He also starred in Good Will Hunting – but surprisingly, he had to be talked into it…
  • He spent a year in Mexico
  • He has faced sexual harassment allegations
  • Casey is currently dating TV actress Floriana Lima
  • He’s scared of butterflies… and didn’t brush his teeth between the ages of 10-14
  • And like many A-listers, he is a vegan
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