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Caroline Wozniacki 2022: Net Worth, Life, Family, Career And Endorsements

Early Life

Former WTA World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki was born in Odense, Denmark. She is the first woman from a Scandinavian country to win the top spot in tennis. Dane retired from professional tennis after the 2020 Australian Open. Wozniacki has played on her WTA Tour for 15 years. She also decided to play the last match of her career in Copenhagen, in May 2020 the Danish capital, where friend and foe Serena was due to face, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, an indefinite postponement of the match was forced.

Caroline Wozniacki: Net Worth 2022

Wozniacki’s total cash is $35,233,415. Her estimated net worth is $30 million. In 2019, Wozniacki became the sixth highest-paid female athlete in the world, earning a total of $7.5 million that season. According to news agency SportsPro, she has at times ranked ninth on the list of the world’s most marketable athletes. In 2017 alone, she earned around $28 million from her endorsements and business investments.


Dane held the top spot for nearly 67 weeks and has been ranked #1 without a slam for the longest time in her career. She removed that tag when she defeated Simona Halep in the Australian Open final in 2018. Wozniacki has won her 30th consecutive WTA singles title. This includes her first and only Grand Slam win at the 2018 Australian Open. She is considered one of the most underrated tennis players, especially since she has beaten the likes of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. The Danish player has won six titles in WTA Premier Mandatory events. These include the Canadian Open, Pan Pacific Open, Dubai Championship, Indian Wells and the two China He Opens. She went on to win 24 more WTA titles in her WTA career, her first title being the ex-Nordic Wright Her Open in Stockholm. She followed her 2008 Connecticut Open. Wozniacki also competed at the Summer Olympics, reaching the quarterfinals. Wozniacki had 632 victories in his illustrious career.

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On-court Achievements

Personal Life

Wozniacki considers Serena Williams, Angelique Kerber and Agnieska Radhawanska to be close friends. She is married to former NBA champion David Lee. Prior to Lee, she was also dating golf star, Rory McIlroy.

Caroline Wozniacki’s Endorsements 2022

In 2009, Wozniacki endorsed her tennis apparel designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas. Current sponsors are Clarins, Rolex, Adidas, and the leading sports marketing company Lagardère Sports.

Foundations and Charity Work

Caroline Wozniacki has always been committed to giving back to those in need. Her main focus is initiatives that support and empower young people, especially young girls. The 30-year-old helped organize USANA and her WTA’s annual Ace for Humanity campaign. The campaign’s mission is to provide vital nutrition to the underprivileged and suffering. She is also an ambassador for Oriflame Charity.

Oriflame’s mission is to empower children through education. Other charities that Caroline supports are Tohoku Charity, UNICEF Her Spanish Commission, FERO Foundation, and Champseed Foundation. These charities focus on people affected by natural disasters, supporting young tennis talent and other similar activities that do not have the financial resources necessary to reach the international level.

She also ran the 2014 New York City Marathon to benefit New York Road Her Runners youth program. After suffering from her rheumatoid arthritis in 2018, she also decided to raise her awareness about it.

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Social Media Handles

Instagram – Caroline Wozniacki

Twitter – @carowozniacki

Interesting Facts

  • She hails from a sporting family.
  • A Liverpool fanatic.
  •  A sub-3:30 marathon runner.
  • Serena Williams’ BFF.
  •  Living happily ever after.
  • Olympic flag bearer.
  • A first for Denmark and Scandinavia.
  • She speaks eight languages.
  • A role model for people battling rheumatoid arthritis.
  •  A self-confessed chocoholic.
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