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Tim Martin Net Worth And Earning In 2022: Career, Early Life And All You Need To Know

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Timothy Randall Martin is a British businessman who was born on April 28, 1955. He is the founder and chairman of Wetherspoons, a chain of pubs in the UK and Ireland, which he also runs. Martin worked hard to get the UK out of the European Union in 2016, and he was a strong supporter of Brexit. He gave £200,000 to the Vote Leave campaign.

Tim Martin: Net Worth 2022

Tim Martin’s Net Worth is $9 million as of 2022.

Tim Martin: Early Life Details

Tim Martin was born in Norwich on April 28, 1955. His father was in the Royal Air Force and then worked for the international brewing company Guinness plc, where he was in charge of marketing in Malaysia. Trevor is his brother. Martin went to eleven schools in New Zealand and Northern Ireland, one of them being Campbell College

He got a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Nottingham and became a barrister in 1979, but he has never actually worked as a lawyer.

Tim Martin: Personal Life Details

Martin went to different schools in New Zealand and Northern Ireland to get his education. His father used to be in the Royal Air Force. After that, he worked for Guinness plc and then became the Malaysian Marketing Director. Martin then went to the University of Nottingham to study law. In 1979, he became a barrister, but he never went to work as a lawyer. Martin is married to Felicity, and they live in Exeter, Devon, with their four children.

Tim Martin Personal Life Details
Tim Martin Personal Life Details

Tim Martin: Career Details

He bought his first bar in Muswell Hill in 1979. Wetherspoon was started at that time. He had worked on a construction site and for The Times as a salesman. In 2005, he was voted the fifth most powerful person in the pub business in the UK. In an interview, he said that the company Wetherspoon was named after his first-grade teacher, Ms. Wetherspoon. As of July 2018, Martin owns 33.7 million shares.

Martin is a supporter of Brexit, and on political TV shows, he gives his opinion. Martin recently said it was wrong that businesses had to close because of COVID-19. He says that pubs can work while keeping a social distance.

Martin told Wetherspoon’s 40,000 workers that the company doesn’t have enough money to pay them. He told them that they needed to find another job. He said that he won’t pay the workers until the government agrees to pay 80% of their salaries.

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