Canada's Hockey Teams Prediction for NHL Upcoming Season

Canada’s Hockey Teams Prediction for NHL Upcoming Season


It is almost that time of year again: the beginning of hockey season! And with a new season comes new predictions for which teams will make it to the playoffs. Naturally, there will be a lot of excitement all over Canada as fans gear up to support their favorite teams.

While we may have only recently seen the Colorado Avalanche lift the 2022 edition of the Stanley Cup after defeating back-to-back champions the Tampa Bay Lightning, many fans of the Canadian franchises will have already been looking ahead at what the future could potentially bring them.

In this blog post, we will take a look at Canada’s seven NHL teams and give our predictions for how they will do this year, as everyone enjoys making these when it comes down to professional sports.

Seven Canadian hockey teams are being analyzed and predictions made

This means we will take a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens, the Calgary Flames, the Edmonton Oilers, the Vancouver Canucks, the Ottawa Senators, and the Winnipeg Jets in this article and look to try and give you our best prediction for how they are likely to do when they return to the ice in the upcoming NHL season.

So, without further ado, let’s analyze each team’s chances and suggest where they might potentially finish the 2022/23 NHL season. Will they reach the postseason? Will those that do be able to capture the Stanley Cup? Questions that all hockey fans will be asking!

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto leafs


While many will be believing an American-based NHL franchise will have the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup this season, it is perhaps no surprise that the Toronto Maple Leafs are widely believed to be Canada’s best chance of achieving success next season.

The organization is one of the most iconic in the entire sport and is a franchise that is known around the world due to its history. However, how will things turn out on the ice? Let’s make a quick prediction…

It would be far from a surprise if we were to see the Toronto Maple Leafs qualify for the postseason from the Atlantic Division, having enjoyed plenty of success since being transferred to the league. They are yet to win it, but they continue to qualify for the postseason. Nonetheless, the NHL playoffs are an issue for the Maple Leafs.

They have struggled to win a playoff series since 2004, having blown a 3-2 lead against the Tampa Bay Lightning in last year’s competition. This record is the NHL’s longest active playoff series win drought, while the 54-season drought between championships is the longest drought in league history, too.

Will they finally end these streaks and achieve success? Time will only tell for the iconic Maple Leafs, but they certainly have all the players needed to enjoy success…

Montreal Canadienshockey


Having been able to reach the Stanley Cup Final the year before, last season was a disaster for the Montreal Canadiens, as the wheels truly came away from the iconic ice hockey franchise. In fact, it was so bad that it can be described as the worst in franchise history, as they set numerous records including the fewest wins (22) ever in their existence.

There will be a lot of eyes on how the team does this year, and it should not come as a surprise that there are many betting on the team to improve, although it would not appear as though they are favored by any stretch of the imagination to do all too well.

If you check out the top Canadian sports betting sites to compare the best odds, you will find that the organization is not well-backed to have huge success this year, although odds do suggest that they should improve significantly on what they managed to put together last season.

If you are considering having a wager on the Canadiens, then you are perhaps thinking about making predictions for the franchise. It might be worth thinking about where they may end up in the Eastern Conference overall, as there is not much hope of a postseason appearance for the Habs at this present moment.

Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames should each make the postseason at a minimum

When making predictions for other NHL teams based in Canada, there are two other organizations that can be backed with a degree of certainty regarding the possibility of reaching the NHL playoffs and continuing in the quest for the Stanley Cup.

Indeed, the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames should both qualify from the Western Conference, although it is perhaps wise to consider seeing the latter of the two organizations struggle to produce the same kind of performances as last season. The Flames impressed everyone as they coasted into the playoffs, but were actually eliminated in the second round by the Edmonton Oilers. In fact, some expect the Oilers to drop off a little from last season, too. Nonetheless, expect both in the postseason.

Questions remain over the Ottawa Senators, the Vancouver Cancuks, and the Winnipeg Jets

When looking at the final trio of the seven NHL teams to represent Canada, the biggest questions will be asked in regard to trying to predict what might happen.

The Ottawa Senators are perhaps one of the most frustrating as they continue to just miss out on the NHL playoffs, although they have missed them for the last five seasons in a row. This year could be different, but it is perhaps something that is not worth holding any breath over.

The Winnipeg Jets have typically been a franchise you could back to reach the postseason, although last year’s efforts did see them just miss out. This is something that many Canadians may want to take into consideration for the upcoming campaign.

Lastly, the Vancouver Canucks are another organization that can be difficult to predict, as they have missed the postseason for the last two consecutive seasons. Some will believe they can be a dark horse as they have shown ability when they get going, but others simply find it rather difficult to fully know what to expect when they take to the ice.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Just some of our predictions regarding how we could potentially see the NHL’s Canadian teams perform in the upcoming 2022/23 season! What do you think will happen? Will the Maple Leafs be able to win a playoff game finally, or will we see a surprise dark horse completely surprise all of us?

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