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Can Uncharted 5 exist without Nathan Drake?

Is Nathan Drake the only reason you play Uncharted? The latest installment in the franchise, “Uncharted 4,” is coming out soon and it’s going to be a great game. But what if Nathan Drake isn’t the main character anymore? What if he dies at some point during this game? If that happens, then we’re all screwed!

Who else will there be to take care of us?! We need him alive and well for as long as possible so we can enjoy his company. And maybe even get a sequel or two out of him before he retires from adventuring. Sign this petition right now to keep Nathan Drake safe!

The latest news and rumors can be found here, including updates about whether Nathan Drake will appear in Uncharted 5.

In 2007, Naughty Dog released the first ever Uncharted game, an action and adventure game that ran up to 2017’s The Lost Legacy. In Uncharted 4, the tale came to a close, and now the fans are eager for the next installment.

For Sony PlayStations, Naughty Dog, created by Amy Hennig, and Interactive entertainment Sony produced the best-selling video game Uncharted. Nathan Drake is the main and most passionate protagonist of the series.

The Wolf Among Us is another famous game that was billed as an interactive thriller. Freelance Police and The Walking Dead. This game took the franchise to new heights, selling more than 41 million dollars in sales worldwide because of its high production values, good storytelling, good voice It became popular and acceptable as a result of its association with Hollywood action films.

Do Rumors Of Uncharted 5 Exist?

According to recent reports and rumors, a new unplayed game is about to emerge, which excites fans but may jeopardize the new series if Nathan Drake isn’t included in it.

The truth is, the launch of PlayStation 5 has whet fans’ appetites for Uncharted 5. They feed off the speculations and create optimism that they might be believed in. The release of the next film and the game’s positive reception on the Sony platform have boosted prospects for a new franchise.

It was recently reported that Uncharted 5 is currently in development at Naughty Dog, along with several other details. Last month, Bloomberg and Jason Schreier also mentioned the team working on it.

Now, the issue remains who will create Uncharted 5, since we know Bend Studio and Naughty Dog are the most well-known creators of the Uncharted series. If Naughty Dog developed it, then it will be the sequel.

It’s not hard to improve a game with a learning curve after an already-established platform, but it is tough to make your own video games industry instead of the existing one. So, the developer is still unsure.

It’s uncertain whether Sony has any more Uncharted in the works. A Thief’s End. Despite the potential, Sony may yet achieve the greatest game ever.

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Who Will Be The Protagonist Of Uncharted 5-

The most popular character in the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake (played by Nolan North) has aided to make it a success. Gamers are falling all over themselves to be near him, thanks to his light-hearted, lovely, and thrilling personality. A Thief’s End, when he completes his quest and happily retires with his daughter and wife.

Following the fantastic conclusion of Nathan Drake’s narrative, the developer must concentrate on the supporting characters or introduce a new one in the next game.

Rebooting, on the other hand, has the potential of causing a decrease in fan following, therefore becoming less successful. Another disadvantage of the Nathan Drake is that it may cause a rivalry between him and the new hero, resulting in ineffective outcomes.

Lost Legacy in mind, few alternatives for a fresh hero seem to exist. Sam Drake is an excellent choice for the role of Nathan because he plays a wonderful part as Nathan’s older brother and ranks among the finest supporting actors.

Sully’s backstory may be very interesting; players don’t know the real beginning of this tale. It can also result in the narrative of Chloe, who was approaching 40 years old at the conclusion of her previous appearance, as well as the possibility of fan base.

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What Are The Most Significant Issues That Will Need To Be Overcome-

Nathan Drake was the first click, as he is the warrior of this game and removing him for the next one is a risky choice. Returning Nathan Drake in the sequel allows Naughty Dog to reach out and engage with long-time fans sooner than ever. With the potential and a little altered look, would Nolan North be willing to return for the sequel?

The remaining two films are already in the planning stage, with filming expected to start around 2020. They will be fan-pleasing and lucrative; but they will also be dangerous, since their incomplete narrative would be prominent.

A reboot of Uncharted without Nathan Drake would be a disservice to the game’s narrative, as well as the back of Nathan Drake. The sacrifice of the back of Nathan Drake, which might be his wife’s murder or a typical family separation that won’t have a good influence.

Alternatively, you may let the players take control of Cassie instead, which might be more interesting and winnable. But it must be continuous with the prior narrative; players have already seen it.

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Sony should be forced to make the toughest decision of its protagonist in Uncharted 5 since it is caught in a difficult position. As a result, will Cassie’s story be continued? Will her adventure continue in the future?

As the question of Nathan Drake, whether he’ll stay or go in the new series is difficult to avoid, or if we give a soft reboot, will Cassie be able to take advantage of this opportunity for a long fantastic journey. Finally, if the choice is going to be a complete spinoff, a new character may take on Nathan Drake’s popularity.

In reality, the new Uncharted 5 is trapped in a bind that can only be resolved by Sony Entertainment’s final decision.

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