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Campione Season 2: Release Date Status – Will There Be Another Season?

Ecchi anime isn’t known for its strong narratives, rich characters, or surprising twists and turns. ‘Campione!’, on the other hand, is an anime that defies all the conventions and preconceptions associated with its genre. Those who are interested in ecchi and fan service will be pleased, but those who are also looking for action and a compelling tale will be pleased as well. Although ‘Campione!’ isn’t the best anime ever made, it remains a standout amongst its genre for presenting a refreshingly original perspective.

Now, the narrative isn’t really original, and you won’t get any warm fuzzies from reading it. In comparison to other stories of this kind, it is distinctive since it is cohesive. In spite of the fan service, it doesn’t appear to overtake the entire programme. In contrast to other ecchi anime, the fan-service in this series isn’t overbearing and isn’t used in every scene. The show’s fan service, including kissing, is always accompanied with a rationale. If you’re going to employ fan service in an anime, you should use “Campione!” as a good example.

In the 13-episode structure of the show, several viewers have expressed issues with the show’s pace. Contrary to popular assumption, I believe that the quick tempo is what gives it its unique character. In order to keep you on the edge of your seat, it doesn’t waste any time with superfluous fan service or draggy fillers. However, this is a subjective matter, and I won’t argue with those who found the anime underwhelming.

Campione has it all: a compelling storey, engaging characters, exhilarating action scenes, a building romantic plotline, and well-executed fan service. This may not be the programme for you if you like anime with a more realistic tone and can’t tolerate the sight of ecchi. ‘Campione!’ is a wonderful show for those who enjoy ecchi, magic, romance, and even action.

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Campione Season 2 Release date

Since its debut in 2012, the series has aired six full seasons. It was a 13-episode series that aired in September of that year. 24 minutes each episode was the length of the entire series. There has been an overwhelming desire for a second season of the show since the first one premiered. However, when it comes to the prospect of a third season, we have nothing to cheer up the viewers. Three years ago, in 2017, the show’s source material, a light novel, came to a conclusion, and the anime has now been on the air for more than eight years. As a result of this, the release date for the second season of the programme has been pushed back significantly.

As a result of the delay between the first season’s release and the second, the program’s original buzz has faded, and there is presently little interest in a second season of the show. While the light animation of the programme finished in 2017, however, there has been no word on the status of the show or if it will be revived or cancelled.

Campione Story So Far:

The plot revolves around Kasunagi Godou, a 16-year-old who was a former middle school baseball player but was forced to retire due to an injury. His grandpa had ordered him to return a stone tablet to a stone table to someone in Italy, which he had done in the previous year. On his journey to return the tablet, he comes face to face with Erica Blandelli, a Knight of the Copper Black Cross, who threatens him with the loss of his life unless he returns the tablet to her. The God of War Verethragna also encountered him and informed him that he is the one who is waking Gods from other worlds to experience loss because he has grown tired of constantly being victorious.

campione season 2 story
campione season 2 story

Eventually, a chain of circumstances led to him miraculously being victorious in a battle against a God of War, earning him the title of “Campione,” which is an Italian term that means “champion.” He has now been promoted to the position of God Slayer, and his mission is to combat the Gods that pose a threat to the lives of humans in his allotted territory. He is essentially a deity in his own right, and he fights bad gods. As long as he does his duties properly, he will be awarded a position in paradise. Although it appears to be straightforward, he will encounter several difficulties that will complicate his life and the lives of those in his immediate vicinity.

Overall, ‘Campione’ has a well-developed narrative, engaging characters, exhilarating action, a developing romance, and entertaining and well-placed fan service, among other things. It is possible that this is not the programme for someone who appreciates really serious anime episodes that are more realistic in nature and who cannot take the sight of ecchi at all. However, for those who enjoy ecchi, magic, romance, and even action, ‘Campione!’ is a true treasure of a programme that they should see.

Campione! Characters:

Godou Kasunagi

campione season 2 godou
campione season 2 godou

It is Godou Kasunagi, who battles the Persian Heretic God Verethragna and becomes the 7th Campoine, who is the show’s protagonist. He’s a handsome high school student who eventually gains divine status and continues to draw a sizable female following. Aside from being tall for his age, he also has an athletic frame. He has straight spiky hair and large black eyes. In spite of being a Campione, he wishes he could have a regular life like other people of his age. He has a quiet exterior, but he’s a total ladies’ guy at heart. When the females fell for him, he isn’t aware of his secret skills and doesn’t notice.

During combat, Godou’s cruel instincts are on display as he brutally murders his opponents. In later episodes, Godou’s demeanour begins to shift and he evolves into this confident young guy who even begins to accept the adulation of the females surrounding him. He also has a great deal of concern for the ladies in his life, and he will jump into action to aid any of them who need it. He frequently displays possessive behaviour toward them, referring to them as “my ladies” and asserting that no one can ever take them away from him. Despite the shame, he kisses them in public places to show them how much he cares about them.

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Erica Blandelli

Erica is a “Great Knight” and one of the show’s primary female heroines. Long, straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes make her a really attractive young woman. During conflicts, she has a strong determination and a lot of courage. She, too, develops love for Godou Kusanagi and tells him that she “belongs to him,” much like the other girls in the anime. She vows to be his “sword and armour” and stick with him through thick and thin. As long as she has her heart set on anything, she will not allow anybody or anything stand in her way. Kusanagi can be shared by other females as long as she stays in his heart, yet she contradicts herself by making the decision to do so.

campione season 2 Erica Blandelli
campione season 2 Erica Blandelli

Her appearance would lead one to believe that Erica is a nice and sweet girl, but in reality she is a demon. She intentionally irritates others by pressing the wrong buttons and taunts them mercilessly as a result. In addition, she has a strange food-obsession like most anime girls. When she eats a large amount of food in one sitting, she doesn’t appear to gain weight.

Yuri Mariya

Campione Season 2 yuri mariya
Campione Season 2 yuri mariya

Yuri Mariya, a Hime-Miko, is another female character featured in the programme. Because of her elegant, innocent demeanour and bashful demeanour, many of her classmates think her lovely. She’s so difficult to determine if she’s just being nice or if she’s just being furious. She often avoids confrontation with others and also adheres rigidly to certain moral rules. The ability to manage her emotions helps her to maintain a cheerful outlook even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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