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Brittany Mahomes Labels Joe Rogan ‘Pathetic’ in Response to Divorce Comment”

Brittany Matthews Mahomes, the wife of Patrick Mahomes, appears to have responded to Joe Rogan’s comments about her on his Spotify podcast. In the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the host, a former UFC commentator, mocks Brittany for allegedly excessively celebrating her husband’s successes, notably after he won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahomes Hits Back at Rogan After He Questions Divorce Choices

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Brittany has been Patrick Mahomes’ biggest supporter and championed his victories throughout his career. However, after the quarterback led the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl victory in recent seasons on February 12 by guiding them to a 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Brittany was criticized for her prominent role in the subsequent celebrations.

Rogan attacked her, implying that she wouldn’t be such a big Chiefs fan if she divorced Mahomes, whom she dated for a decade before they married and whom she met in high school.

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He said:  “Promise they keep that same energy when you divorce. They come after you. They come after you with that same energy.”

Twenty-four hours after Rogan’s comments about her, Matthews Mahomes posted cryptic tweets that appeared to be directed at Rogan.

Initially, she posted a message that appeared to be a direct jab at Rogan: “Something about grown men talking s*** about someone’s wife is very strange…”

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Rogan’s Divorce Comment Sparks Vicious Response 

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About an hour later, Matthews Mahomes followed up with a more general tweet that fans still believe was a jab at Rogan’s remarks.

She tweeted, “It’s pathetic that grown men hate women in general.”

One person commented on the abundance of support for Matthews Mahomes’ tweets: “Jealousy leads to bizarre behavior. Keep your lovely head held high!”

Other Twitter users accused Matthews Mahomes of intentionally attracting the attention of trolls.

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One said: “When Brittany enters the fray, she is a fair game exactly as it is! You won the Super Bowl, have a healthy, happy, beautiful family, and are obscenely wealthy. Can’t you just let that speak for itself? Do not stoke the flames.”

One more added: “When we support our husband’s endeavors, and the focus then shifts to us, I believe the public takes offense. If you don’t like the conversation, change it. The conversation should shift from your behaviors to your actions. We’ve all experienced it.”

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Matthews Mahomes has previously criticized the online backlash she has received, tweeting before the Super Bowl, “I just wish I could do what I want every week without being attacked.”

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