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Brighton Butler Restraining Order After Filing Divorce Sparks Speculation And Concern!!

The 2020 wedding of well-known fashion blogger Brighton Keller Butler and Duncan Butler III was a joyous occasion for the pair as well as their followers. The union of the couple resulted in the birth of two children.

It was understandable that fans wanted to know why a promising union couldn’t last when word of their divorce broke online three years later. Let us have a look at everything there is to know about Brighton Butler restraining order!!

Brighton Butler Restraining Order

Recent events have taken a surprising turn when Brighton Butler decided to file for divorce from her husband. This audacious action highlights the significant problems in their relationship that prompted this choice. Remarkably, Brighton has notified the court to request a restraining order against her spouse in addition to filing for divorce.

Although the specifics of why such a restraining order was required are still under wraps, it is obvious that this event marks a turning point in Brighton Butler’s life. As more information about this developing scenario becomes available, fans and followers are stuck in suspense and are probably worried about the safety of all those involved.

Brighton Butler Restraining Order
Brighton Butler Restraining Order

Brighton Butler Divorce From Duncan Butler

The divorce of Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler was officially announced on May 2, 2023. Though the couple has kept their divorce’s specifics private, Brighton is said to have filed for divorce.

There have been rumors circulating that different parenting philosophies are the cause. Did any parent submit a custody request for the kids, then? Nothing is known regarding the file for property division or child custody by either parent.

Who Is Brighton Butler?

She is a well-known fashion blogger and social media influencer. Born on December 8, 1989, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the American fashionista was the first of four siblings—two sisters and a brother.

Later, the Butler family moved to Dallas, Texas, where her father, Steve Keller, a real estate developer, and mother, Dee Keller, a retired lawyer and shoe designer, reared Brighton and her siblings. Brighton registered to continue her education at the University of Texas.

Professional Outlook Of Brighton Butler

The persona is a professional fashion blogger who founded BrightonTheDay LLC in 2012 and is the owner of a public website. Through her wardrobe and writings on other sites on cuisine, travel, beauty, and lifestyle, she uses her platform to share her thoughts on life.

Take a peek at her Instagram post below:

Large companies like Sephora, American Express, and Google work with the influencer on deals since she has a devoted readership and more than 370k Instagram followers.

Who Is Brighton Butler’s Husband?

Duncan Butler III was the spouse of Brighton Butler. On January 25, 2020, the couple tied the knot in Austin, Texas. It’s unknown how the couple first connected, although Butler has disclosed on her blogs that they moved to Denver after getting engaged in 2019.

Brighton Butler’s former spouse is a lawyer and businessman. In addition, he founded The Butler Group Atlanta and serves as its CEO in addition to being Zac Brown Customs’ general manager. Duncan, nevertheless, continues to live a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Is Brighton Butler A Parent?

Brighton Butler is indeed a parent. She accepts her motherhood wholeheartedly. Charlie, her son, was born in 2018, and Four, her daughter, was born in April 2021.

Check out the Instagram post uploaded by Brighton Butler below:

Brighton Butler prioritizes her children above all else and places a high value on motherhood. She uses social media and blog postings to share her parenthood experiences and ideas.

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