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Brian Shaw Takes Down Poster Of Arnold Schwarzenegger – Fallout Continues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former bodybuilder and actor who served as the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. In his time as governor, he had a number of successes including signing into law the first major environmental protection legislation in more than 20 years, bringing about an unprecedented level of investment in clean energy, and building strong public schools.

He also oversaw two economic recessions while serving as governor. His success can be attributed to his focus on job creation and retention during both downturns by investing heavily in infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail. Read more here! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of history’s most famous celebrities. However, his recent remarks have sparked a firestorm of debate and criticism. In recent news, Brian Shaw has taken down a Schwarzenegger poster from his Gym. Here’s a closer look at the backstory behind it.

A Papertake Down Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Carried Out By Scott Shaw.

To say the least, Arnold’s recent comments on freedom have sparked a lot of debate. The newest individual to be named as a sponsor, athlete, or supplement company head with an issue with Arnold Schwarzenegger is Dan John.

After being banned from competing in the Arnold Classic, Brian Shaw expressed his sadness by taking down a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his home gym.

What Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Have To Say?

Arnold Schwarzenegger had just claimed that those who opposed anti-masks should “screw their freedom” in an interview. Schwarzenegger was quite outspoken about his feelings regarding COVID-19 guidelines and the need to wear masks.

He had added, “We’ll keep you informed.” He advised people to use mSsks and follow instructions, stating that the only means of surviving this epidemic was to be vaccinated, wear masks, and avoid social interaction.

After that, when he stated that individuals should not be selfish and concerned about something like their freedom being restricted a little bit, the country was in an uproar.

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What Is The Purpose Of This Remark?

Following Arnold’s statement, he posted a photograph on Instagram with the caption, “You have the freedom to be a jerk. ” ‘You should only do things you must, never anything because you can.’

The United States is a free country, and one of its most essential founding principles has been freedom. However, while it is understandable why a comment against it might cause conflict, the current generation has an unclear notion of what liberty entails.

Many competitors, fans, and bodybuilders interpreted his criticisms of freedom as a personal attack and did not hold back in expressing their displeasure.

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‘We Care About Freedom,’ Says Brian Shaw.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was slammed by four-time World’s strongest man, Brain Shaw. Brian took to Instagram to clarify his views on Arnold’s statements. The controversy began after a reporter asked the gold-medal winner, “But did you consider that your comment could be hurtful to other people?” The athlete responded, “Yes, I do believe it is.”

He continued by stating how important freedom was to all athletes. He also stated that he had removed the poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his home gym’s wall. Arnold has a right to express his views and pursue whatever ideas he wants, but the statement “Screw your freedom” did not go over well with him.

The lesson that he learned from the episode was that freedom is priceless. He added, “The worth of freedom is inexplicable to me; I am a firm believer in these principles because I know ‘Freedom did not come cheap.’ After being asked what the greatest lesson he’d learned during his career was, Machemer responded that it was an important one.

He stated that many individuals appeared to have forgotten the value of freedom, which prompted him to say that he could no longer train under his photograph because he was a proud American.

Brian Shaw’s act of removing the Arnold Schwarzenegger poster has been viral on social media. Brian Shaw, a 7-time Mr. Olympia champion, had been a significant influence in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the latter had stated it was a melancholy day.

While it may be debatable who is in the right, it is unquestionable that this wave of protest has hit Arnold and his brand hard. It’s doubtful if this animosity toward Arnold’s statements will stop anytime soon

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