Are you looking for a new anime to watch? Blood Lad Season 2 is coming soon! It’s the sequel to the first season of this popular anime. The story follows Staz, an immortal vampire who has lived for over 400 years and Fuyumi Yanagi, a human girl who was killed by Staz on her 18th birthday.

They are both resurrected in present-day Japan after being transported from their world of demons and vampires. This show will be available on Crunchyroll starting July 7th! You can watch it right here or download it onto your device so you can take it with you anywhere. If you’re not already subscribed to Crunchyroll, sign.

Over five years have passed since the conclusion of Blood Lad’s first season. Others gave up hope, while others started a campaign.

However, despite all of the effort, it appears that nothing will come of it because there has yet to be an official announcement from Brain’s Base on the subject of Blood Lad Season 2. Meanwhile, there are several commercial reasons to produce a sequel.

Furthermore, many anime series have recently gotten their next episodes, especially this year. The popularity of anime seems to have a globalizing effect, with the world of anime (Japanese) increasingly mirroring the Western economies.

So, now it’s time to be prepared for things to shift. Let’s see if we can figure out Blood Lad’s chances of getting a second season.

Is There Going To Be A Season 2 Of Blood Lad?

It’s worth noting that the original manga series has seventeen volumes with 85 chapters, whereas the television adaptation consists of ten episodes and an OVA. As a result, there is enough material for another television adaptation.

The bad news is that the manga came to an end in December 2016. Anyhow, to summarize things, Brain’s Base (Durarara!!) It’s possible that the anime adaptation ( Chunibyodemo, To Your Eternity, and Oregairu ) may get at least one additional season.

The second factor to consider is the anime series’ rating among its intended target audience. On MAL , it has a rating of 7.30 out of 10, with 550,000+ votes; on IMDb, it has a rating of 7.1 out of 10, with 1k+ ratings; and on Hulu, the anime has a 4.6 star rating based on 5500+ votes. In conclusion, as a result, the overall grade is quite high.

However, the bulk of the time, it is up to the BD/DVD sales to determine if a series will continue. We believe that in the case of Blood Lad, this indicator was very low.

That’s why the show was canceled after its first season. We’ve arrived at this conclusion given that all of the other indicators are extremely positive. There is no other explanation for the show’s producers to call it quits. Unfortunately, it appears that they have made up their minds.

The TVK television broadcast commenced in July 2013. The anime was later licensed by Crunchyroll to stream in the United States and Canada.

The series premiered on Tokyo MX, SUN, TVQ, and other Japanese networks. The Brain Base was hired as a television adaptation developer.

Viz Media LLC has licensed the anime in North America. The first season, which has ten episodes, concluded on September 8, 2013.

Since then, there has been no official confirmation of a renewal. We recommend that you verify with the franchise’s official website to be sure.

Blood Lad Season 2

Season 2 of Blood Lad is Not Scheduled on Netflix – Could It be Renewed?

Despite the fact that the chances of a second season for Blood Lad are slim, it is still feasible owing to a sufficient quantity of source material. As a result, we can’t completely rule out this option. In 2021, the decision could come from the brain’s base.

The brain’s base might even voice an opinion in 2020. We think the announcement will not happen this year. The next year is a possibility for the announcement of renewal. In any case, we’re waiting for the official word. We’ll keep you informed on the issue.

The Characters & Cast of Blood Lad-

Staz Charlie Blood is the protagonist of the series. He is the Eastern District of Demon World’s master, feared by others, and supposed to be a superior vampire that consumes blood. However, he is nothing more than a typical vampire otaku who is obsessed with everything from the Human World to Japan.

She is a witch of the highest caliber who encounters Fuyumi and Staz after they use her portal between Hell and Earth, which was taken from her.

Wolf – a good friend and rival of Staz (who he refers to as Cherry-Blood). He was left on the steps of a monastery as an infant, and his parents declared him not to be a pure werewolf. [[He states that he is a cross between a werewolf, and an unknown demon, and considers himself a mongrel .]]

The Neyn Hydra is Fuyumi, Knell, and Bell’s mother. She is the result of two people coming together after they first met.

The first part was entirely human, while the second was completely demonic. Because they were doppelgangers, they were two separate individuals who led totally different lives and had genetically unrelated yet nonetheless comparable-looking children. They became one being when they combined their memories.

What is Blood Lad About? What Exactly Is It About?

The protagonist in This Is the End is Staz, a vampire who lives in the Demon Realm. It is said that he is a vicious and thirsty monster. However, Staz is in fact an Otaku who is passionate about all things Japanese and cultural. Furthermore, he has no interest in human blood. As a consequence, Staz reads manga, watches anime, and plays video games on a daily basis.

An ordinary Japanese high school student, Fuyumi Yanagi, gets lost in the Demon World after inadvertently de-aging herself using a magical paintbrush. When he saw Fuyumi, Staz was delighted. Because Fuyumi is a living representation of the world he wished for, she is an excellent source of inspiration. Staz loses Fuyumi after she dies, which distracts him.

Fortunately, she is seen again as a ghost. Staz is going to bring his recently resurrected girlfriend back to life. To do so, he set out on a trip to present-day Japan. The adventures of Staz, Fuyumi, and their friends continue in the sequel series that chronicles their search for a mythical substance that may bring back the dead.


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