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The story of Berserk is a frightening anime, with one of the best tale lines. Every single one of the finest Berserk Quotes, from the anime series.

The first season of Berserk is produced by Studio OLM ( Pokemon Komi Can’t Communicate). In 2016, as well as GEMBA & Millepensee’s So I’m a Spider, So What? , Continuation Berserk is released.

19 Powerful Berserk Quotes About Life

Powerful Berserk Quotes

1.If one is unable to live the life they desire, they may as well die. – Guts

2.How delightful. I’m experiencing it all over again. From the magnificent to the absurd, from the lowbrow to the high art, there is something for everyone in this book! What really makes it unique is how it provides preparation not only for thinking about death and dying but also for living life fully. -> From love to hatred to ultimate pleasure and ultimate pain, everything is here in this book for you The real nature of mankind and the Devil is right now. – Slan

3.It is a spiral, not a flat circle… And yet, we continue to believe that fate is a straight line. – Flora

4.A dream… It’s something you do for yourself rather than for others. – Griffith

5.A dream may revitalize a person or finish him off. To simply survive… I despise the idea of existing just because one has been brought into the world. I can’t stand it. – Griffith

6.Even if we meticulously restore something lost, it doesn’t guarantee that everything will revert to how it was. – Guts

7.A friend would not only encourage another’s ambition… a friend would find his own motivation to live. – Griffith

8.In this world, some people are born with the ability to shift the world and no apparent relationship to man’s social structure. – Guts

9.If you want anything for a long period of time, it’s only natural that you would miss out on numerous things in the process. That’s how it is…life. – Godo

10. From this vantage point, each fire appears to be a tiny dream from every person. They’re like a bonfire of aspirations, aren’t they? I’m a temporary visitor who has chosen to embrace the fire as comfort. – Guts

11. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I am certain that I am completely addicted to you. – Guts

12. You won’t be able to walk if you’re always concerned about stomping on the ants beneath you… – Guts

13. One of the most fascinating things about girls is that they are often completely unaware of how attractive they are. – Guts

14. We may try our hardest to rebuild something ruined, but it doesn’t mean things will return to how they were. – Guts

15. Is there a price to be paid for self-aggrandizement? It’s called Guts.

16. I abandoned my previous life, turned to the aid of others, and somehow kept going. – Guts

17. You’ll be fine. You’ve just tripped over a stone in the street. It means nothing. Your ultimate objective is far bigger than this. Doesn’t it? This is just the start. There will be many more challenges ahead of you that you’ll face, and I’m sure you’ll overcome them all. You’ll walk again… soon. – Guts

18. You’re correct, we are frail and short-lived. We will fight to survive, even if we are tortured or wounded. You should understand what we’re going through and why it’s important. I am the messenger who can take you there and show you what it’s like. – Guts

19. I don’t want what another guy can offer me. If he gives me anything, it belongs to him and not to me. – Guts.

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