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2022 Black Friday Deals: What We Expect to See

Black Friday 2022 is rapidly approaching, and we have high hopes for sales this year. With the crisis caused by the semiconductor scarcity almost over, we anticipate having plenty of just about everything.

While we had hoped to offer you information on the newest GPU deals, it appears that Intel may not even release a 40-series card while some 40-series cards from Nvidia may be delayed into 2023. However, when Intel and AMD start to get rid of last-generation processors, you should see some bargains in the CPU category.

On the gaming front, there will be a significant price reduction for all games on PC, Xbox, and PS5. While we don’t anticipate significant price reductions on systems like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you may expect Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch offers.

Additionally, we’ll be bringing you the top offers from online merchants, with Nintendo usually always offering a few standout specials on the eShop.

Black Friday 2022: When it Start?

The day following Thanksgiving, on November 25, 2022, Black Friday will start. Black Friday, however, no longer only occurs on Fridays. Black Friday deals started early in November of last year. Deals should start appearing a week in advance, but you should wait to act on any particularly attractive ones until the big day.

Cyber Monday will take place on November 28, 2022. You can also anticipate sales to continue through the weekend and into the first few days of the week after Cyber Monday when we anticipate there will be plenty more tech deals to be had and another chance to take advantage of any Black Friday deals you might have missed.

Top Shops For The Best Black Friday Deals In 2022

Searching for the top Black Friday sales for 2022? There are several options available, including the retailers we recommend below. For nearly everything but the kitchen sink, this includes retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, both of which will be running some of the top bargains. However, there might only be a few kitchen sinks offers dispersed throughout.

However, we’ll be concentrating on important topics, such as technology and video games. Our list of retailers also includes two more specialized businesses, B&H and Crutchfield, which deal with computers, printers, and other A/V equipment. Whatever you may be searching for, whether it be for yourself or for your friends and family, you should absolutely turn to

2022 Predictions For Amazon Black Friday Sales

Similar to Prime Day, Amazon will literally put everything onto their deals page without giving you any real thought. We’re here to review every deal that’s on offer and bring you the greatest discounts from around the website.

It can be challenging to navigate, but as the offers start to come in, we’ll have all the greatest ones right here for you to look at.

Possible Best Buy Black Friday 2022 Deals

Given that Best Buy has become a Black Friday institution, you can be sure that they will have fantastic offers for you to gorge on. from video games, Blu-ray discs, televisions, and so much more. The large blue and yellow retailer will definitely reduce its price if you want it on sale during Black Friday.

You must pay a monthly membership fee to join Best Buy’s member’s club, TotalTech. The best deals could be concealed behind this one extra step, so you might want to do this to uncover additional savings and special deals.

2022 Black Friday Deals At Gamestop

Black Friday at Gamestop is typically a fantastic time to find games you might have missed earlier in the year; in fact, we were able to score a couple of copies of 2021 games last year at deeply discounted prices. However, if you’re shopping for a new system, you should also keep an eye out for their console bundle offerings, which will provide some fantastic savings.

You might also consider enrolling in their rewards program, which could unlock further online and in-store discounts. So, keep an eye out since we’ll be updating this with all of Gamestop’s finest offers on Black Friday 2022.

Possible B&H Photo Black Friday 2022 Deals

Take note, as B&H consistently offers the cheapest prices on a wide range of equipment, so streamers and content producers. They are based in New York and no longer solely concentrate on camera equipment. There will be deals on creator-focused products that will help you elevate your content, and you might even be able to find a decently priced laptop or PC.

Since B&H is typically one of the only merchants to provide discounts on Apple items during the Black Friday season, keep an eye out here for the greatest offers.

Crutchfield Black Friday Deals Anticipated For 2022

Although it’s not usually at the top of everyone’s list, Crutchfield consistently provides fantastic discounts on TVs and Apple items. The price of the highly desired Airpods Max was lowered in 2021 to a more affordable level.

Crutchfield mostly specializes in vehicle audio, but they’ve recently expanded into audiovisual and Apple devices, making them one to watch as Black Friday draws near.

Black Friday Console Deals Anticipated For 2022

While we anticipate lower gaming prices, keep in mind that there is still a lack of gadgets. There won’t be much of a discount on the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, but expect packages to lure you in. There have been a few sales on the Series S, and this year we anticipate more. While the price of the Nintendo Switch and its OLED version will also decrease, particularly because Nintendo wants to sell more units during the holiday shopping season.

You won’t have to look around for the finest gaming console discounts of Black Friday because we’ll compile them all here.

Xbox Series X And S Offers On Black Friday Are Anticipated

The Xbox Series X and S, one of the best consoles to grace our living rooms, offer excellent backward compatibility and have access to Game Pass, one of the best deals available right now.

Microsoft has overcome the majority of its supply concerns, so you can go all-in on an Xbox Series X with 4K120Hz or be stealthy and play at a good 1080p with the really compact Xbox Series S. Expect to see these with that large red sticker indicating price reductions, especially as Microsoft tries to catch up to the PlayStation 5’s phenomenal sales.

Possibile PlayStation 5 sales 

Although we have no way of knowing for sure, we hope that Sony is saving some units to saturate the market on Black Friday. God of War: Ragnarok will be one of the trendiest goods to have once it is finally released.

However, since the PS5 is guaranteed to sell out regardless of what it may be coupled with, don’t expect too many discounts outside of bundle sales involving recent games.

Possible Nintendo Switch Sales 

Almost certainly, the cost of the Nintendo Switch will increase on Black Friday. As Black Friday approaches, you’ll see that the price of these items will drastically decrease. With three variations—regular, OLED, and Lite—now is the ideal moment to get a new or replacement console, especially considering the OLED model’s wonderful improvements over the original system.

You’re sure to see some incredible console discounts, so we’ve compiled the top console and bundle offers of Black Friday 2022 below.

Best Black Friday Digital Game Discounts And Deals Anticipated

This Black Friday, we’ll be covering sales on digital games from practically everywhere online. Deals that are sure to drain the bank account are frequently offered by Epic, Fanatical, CDKeys, Humble, and even the Nintendo eShop.

Deals On Prebuilt Laptops And Computers For Black Friday 2022

We already go into great detail on laptop sales every week, but Black Friday is very different. Every laptop, from the most affordable to the highest grade, will have its price reduced over the course of a few days. If you’re looking for a good prebuilt PC, both Best Buy and Amazon will be offering discounts on a variety of models.

Manufacturers will be seeking to get their older generation laptops out of warehouses before CES at the beginning of the year, so that’s where you’re going to see the biggest reductions. You might very easily grab yourself a massive bargain, which we’ll detail below for you.

2022 Black Friday Gaming PC Offers

This year is going to be a big one for PC component sales because AMD and Nvidia both want to introduce their new top-of-the-line GPUs and CPUs. With the 13th generation, Raptor Lake, expected to debut later this year, Intel will also be joining the fray in the hopes that the price of the 12th generation processors would significantly drop.

All manufacturers from across the world will be taking part in order to get fresh goods into your hands and ideally into your PCs outside of the major trio.

Because outdated HDDs and even SSDs are starting to fail on you, Black Friday is an excellent time to think about replacing or updating your storage. Purchasing some of the “boring” extras is really worthwhile.

Deals On Gaming Peripherals For PCs During Black Friday 2022

This Black Friday, there will be a ton of PC accessories on sale. Every year, both the list and the savings increase. keyboards, mice, and even accessories like desk lighting or microphones with USB ports. Everything will get more affordable, and we’ll sort through everything to find the best jewels. No effort is required.

Expect a deluge of controllers and good bargains on addons for consoles so you may play as comfortably or competitively as you like.

Possibly The Best Headphones For Black Friday In 2022

This Black Friday, reward yourself with a brand-new set of stylish headphones with noise cancellation. When certain particular family members show up at your door prepared for the yearly quarrel, it can actually be helpful.

With so many new models, you should anticipate that the older, higher-end models will be marked down in price, making it probable that you will be able to purchase an excellent set of headphones this Black Friday for a large discount off the MSRP.

Best Black Friday TV Discounts Anticipated For 2022

The best day of the year to purchase a new TV is always Black Friday. Depending on how you game or even watch movies, getting the best image or even the best frames-per-second can mean all the difference in the world.

From Black Friday onward, we’ll bring you the best prices on TVs and monitors, and later this year, we’ll send you our top picks for everything from high-end to low-end. You may anticipate finding hundreds of TV bargains scattered throughout a variety of websites, as higher-end models support HDMI 2.1 and offer amazing gaming features.

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