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Billy Blanks Jr Net Worth 2022: Did Billy Blanks Jr Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

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Billy Blanks, Jr. is a fitness expert from the United States. He is the son of Billy Blanks, a martial artist who created Tae Bo. He is best known for his appearance on Shark Tank, where he was able to get an investment in his fitness media. This led to the worldwide Dance It Out fitness class program and franchise.

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Billy Blanks Jr: Net Worth 2022

Billy Blanks, Jr. is an American fitness guru, personal trainer, dancer, and author with a net worth of $5 million. Billy is probably best known as the son of Billy Blanks, the famous fitness guru who created Tae Bo and is known as a fitness icon.

Still, Blanks Jr. has become famous in his own right, following in the footsteps of his father by making a number of fitness products. His net worth is even more impressive when you think about how his father is said to have given him no money at all.

Billy Blanks Jr: Early Life Details

Billy Blanks Jr. was born in 1979 to fitness expert Billy Blanks and his wife, Gayle H. Godfrey. At first, they met at a karate class. He grew up in Los Angeles with Gayle’s daughter Shellie, who also started a successful fitness business. The Blanks are called the “first family of fitness” as a group.

Billy Blanks Jr. loved to dance when he was a young boy. Even though he helped his father run fitness classes, he was happiest when he was dancing like Michael Jackson when the classes were over. Paula Abdul is said to have been his mentor. During this time, Blanks Jr. also learned that many people couldn’t handle his father’s classes. This gave him the first idea for the program “Dance it Out.”

Billy Blanks Jr: Personal Life Details

Blanks married Sharon Brown, who was an actress. They worked together to teach dance and fitness classes, and she was in Blanks’ Dance With Me videos and Dance It Out classes. They took Elijah in as their own child. In 2016, they split up.

Billy Blanks Jr: Career Details

Blanks made “Cardioke,” a cardio dance workout with karaoke singing, in 2007. This made ABC News pay attention. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cardioke was talked about.   On December 10, 2017, his former manager Anthony Riccio sued him for breach of contract.

He said that he and Blanks came up with the idea of combining cardio and karaoke, and that he came up with the name “cardioke” while Blanks wanted to call it “Karaokecise.” They also said that they should have shared more of the brand’s revenue and rights. Blanks also said that his dad didn’t like his idea for dance fitness.

Because Cardioke was so popular, Blanks was asked to make DVDs.

Blanks and his wife worked together to make a series of DVDs, including Cardio Fit (2010), Groove and Burn (2010), and Burn and Tone (2010).

Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix (2011) and Dance Party Boot Camp[10] are two examples (2012). But they weren’t making much money, so Blanks had to get a part-time job at a restaurant. Blanks and his family were poor (he says “homeless”), and they had to move to a cheap motel in Sherman Oaks. From there, they would sneak out to teach classes at 24 Hour Fitness under the name Dance With Me. They moved to Woodland Hills, number three.

On Shark Tank, Did Billy Blanks Jr. Get A Deal?

Blanks turned down a deal on “Shark Tank” and was on his way to tell his wife about it. Daymond John, an investor and one of the “sharks” on the show, stopped Blanks from recording his interview after the show.

What Does Billy Blanks Jr. Do These Days?

In addition to his work with Dance It Out, Blanks is the creative director of the website Talent Recap and hosts a show about TV talent shows that is part of the same company.

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