Bill Freimuth departs from the position of Grammy Chief Awards Officer


Freimuth had overseen the complex and often controversial nominating and awards process for the Grammy Awards since 2004.

But the longtime chief awards officer Bill Freimuth has left the organization, along with VP of communications Lourdes Lopez and chief marketing and innovations officer Lisa Farris, Variety has confirmed.

The news was first reported by Billboard late Sunday night. Harvey Mason jr., who assumed the CEO position at the Recording Academy in May after serving as interim CEO, continues to restructure the organization with the latest changes that resulted in some high-profile departures.

Friday was the last day for Bill Freimuth, the longtime chief awards officer; Lourdes Lopez, Vice President of communications, and Lisa Farris, chief marketing and innovation officer. Since 2004, Freimuth was the tp oversee the team that handled the Grammy nominations and eligibility process and was the explainer-in-chief when it came to elucidating the Recording Academy’s often complicated and changing eligibility protocols.

There was also a major outcry over the Academy’s nominating procedures for the Grammy Awards after the Weeknd, who had one of the most commercially and critically successful recordings of the year, was excluded from all the 2021 awards in favor of several lesser-known artists and recordings.

Presently it leaves the Academy without an awards chief just weeks ahead of the beginning of the nomination process for the 2022 Grammy Awards. The eligibility period for recordings ends on September 30, with the first round of voting taking place from October 22 through November 5; final voting runs from December 6 through January 5; the Grammy Awards ceremony takes place on January 31, 2022.

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