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Big AI Mack Wife Illness: What Happened To The Spouse Of Radio Show Host?

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show debuted in 2024 with a lineup that saw some significant changes. Due to Big Al Mack’s absence from the show while his wife attends to some really serious medical issues, those changes were necessary.

Aimee, Big Al’s wife, became ill and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in the Virgin Islands. Many people are curious about what transpired and whether the couple will soon be getting well. Here’s what we know about Big AI Mack wife illness, and what happened to her.

Big AI Mack Wife Illness

Following her illness during their holiday trip, Big Al Mack and his wife are currently vacationing in the Virgin Islands. Although he doesn’t appear on The Kidd Kraddick Show right now, he has called in multiple times to provide updates on his wife’s health.

Take a look at the official tweet mentioned below:

Regretfully, neither we nor the doctors who are currently treating his wife are entirely sure what troubles her. As Al has stated, the physicians think it’s an illness of some sort, but they’re only experimenting to discover a therapy that works.

Though he has acknowledged that the physicians are doing their best, he has shown some irritation during his call-ins to the show regarding the poor progress his wife’s treatment has made. She is receiving treatment far from home, which has caused her to experience several difficulties that may have been prevented.

Big AI Mack Wife Illness
Big AI Mack Wife Illness

Big Al Sought Prayers For His Wife

Big Al has been requesting prayers for his wife as she continues her therapy following her hospital stay.

In his first statement, he stated, “We pray that you will cover Aimee with a shield of protection and continue to protect her from the enemy. She is yours. We trust you not to allow Satan to cause her any harm. In Jesus’s name, we pray that she will be healed of all sickness and infirmity.”

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“In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray and ask that You will bind, rebuke, severe, disallow, and dissolve any and all diseases that are coming against her from the air, water, food, or any other sources,” he said. “You healed the blind and the lame. You cast out demons and brought the dead back to life, so we know you have the power to heal Aimee’s body, mind, and spirit, and we trust you to take care of her.”

Al and Aimee are sadly stranded till she is well enough to go home. Falling ill whilst on vacation is never fun, and having to visit the hospital is a major hassle.

Supporters of Big Al have sent their best wishes and well wishes for her speedy recovery and return to their house. Sadly, fans at home and Big Al will have to wait and see till medical professionals figure out what’s wrong with her.

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