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Best PDF Editor For Learning And Research In 2022

Pdf is one of the most preferred formats used by both individuals and professionals in their everyday lives. It is hassle-free and can be shared across different platforms. However, editing a pdf can be tough as the original pdf app has reserved editing tools. This leads to the demand for a good online editing tool.

Finding a pdf editing tool in a swarm of paid and free options is a tough task. Additionally, the tool’s compatibility with different devices like IOS, Android, etc makes it even more complex. So, if you’re tired of searching for a good PDF editor we have just the solution for you.

Introduction Of Wondershare PDFelement

PDFelement makes any study or work task easy by creating, converting, editing, and signing PDF documents. This free pdf editor is available for all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android at same time. This PDF editor offers perpetual licensing and enterprise-grade PDF functionalities. It accepts scanned documents, image uploads and even mobile snapped photos for converting them into PDF. It also provides an editing facility for text and creating comments without disturbing the original style of the document. You can also convert or translate the language of your document into various languages as per your need.


Efficient Learning With PDF Editing Tools

The pandemic has played a vital role in leading us to a digital world. Pdf has made the paperless journey much easier. But editing pdf was still a big concern until PDFelement kicks in. The editing tools have introduced a much more innovative and efficient approach in educational sectors. Some efficient tools which have made learning easier are as follows:

1. Learn With PDF:

The one thing that has confused the students/learners the most is the question of how to locate key content in digital study materials. The Learn with PDF of PDFelement helps individuals to convert paper documents to searchable PDFs just by scanning them. Once the paper document is converted to an e-document, you can quickly locate key content by searching for them.

2. Read And Annotate With PDF:

Learners have a habit of underlining, making small notes of specific topics, or highlighting important lines. Annotate features will help you out with all of these. You can underline, highlight, and add sticky notes while reading the pdf. Moreover, Pdfelement also prioritizes users’ health. Therefore they have introduced an eye protection mode with multiple reading modes to suit users’ preferences. So you can open, view, and read documents easily.

3. Combine And Create New PDFs:

Sometimes, students get a project which requires them to combine multiple pdf, texts, and images into one. The ‘combine’ feature of PDFelement lets you merge different pdf, texts, and images from various devices such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS. Thereby, making it easier to rearrange, number, delete, and rotate them. They can also create new documents from old assignments, notes, and scanned documents to organize their study materials.

4. Store Your PDF In The Cloud:

It is frequently observed that students lose their notebooks resulting in the ultimate loosing of their entire notes. PDFelement application helps you prevent such adversities by going digital. One just needs to upload the pdf filler in the Document Cloud and access it through any device out of the library anytime anywhere.

5. Translate:

Students pursuing law or any such field require examining and studying international cases. In such a scenario this tool can be of great help as it supports more than 100+ languages. One can translate foreign languages easily with it.

Best Online PDF Editor For Learning And Research- HiPDF

HiPDF is another one of the best online PDF editors to make the students’ learning experience more convenient and easy. Here are some of the best features of HiPDF:

Convert From PDF

Convert from PDF allows PDF documents to be converted into other forms. There are mainly fifteen different formats for converting your PDF file into other forms. They are PDF to word converter, PDF to PPT online converter, PDF to excel converter, PDF to JPG converter, PDF to PNG converter, PDF to GIF converter, PDF to TIFF converter, PDF to BMP converter, PDF to text, PDF to RTF, PDF to pages converter, PDF to HTML, PDF to DXF converter, online OCR and PDF to EPUB converter.

Convert To PDF

Besides converting from PDF there is also another amazing feature of HiPDF and that is to convert to PDF. There are twelve different formats of convert to PDF including word to PDF, image to PDF converter, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, BMP to PDF, GIF to PDF, TIFF to PDF, TXT to PDF, RTF to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF and PUB to PDF.

Compress PDF

As suggested by its name, compressed PDF helps in reducing the size of the PDF with just some clicks. For doing so there are three different options to choose from. They are high, medium, and low. Online PDF editor makes it easy to decide the ideal size of your PDF documents.

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Merge PDF

Merge PDF is also another feature in HiPDF which is very important for students out there. Merging the PDF files makes it much easier to keep your PDF categorised in one place.

Copy PDF

Copy PDF enables you to eliminate unwanted parts from your PDF. You just need to crop PDFs online to a selected area that you want to remove. You can also adjust the margin size swiftly with this feature.

Other Tools

The list does not end here. There are other additional features also like signing PDF, sharing documents, searching and replacing text in PDF, and extracting images from PDF. This lets you edit your PDF as required.


Wondershare Pdfelement is an excellent pdf editor that can be run on all devices whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. It can be used to convert any paper document into searchable PDFs just by scanning them. Moreover, you can use it to translate any document/pdf in more than 100+ languages.

Another feature that makes it even more popular among editing tools is the d storage. One can store as many pdfs as they want in the Cloud Storage and it can be accessed from different devices too. It can also be used to merge and combine various notes, and assignments into a pdf. Additionally, it can help you sort and organize PDFs for much cleaner space. The annotation feature is a cherry on top for learners and students. These amazing specifications make it an ideal choice for a PDF editor for learning and research in 2022.

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