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Barry Season 3: Release Date Status (HBO), Renewed, Cast, Plot & Other Details

“Barry’s” Season 2 finale was almost exactly two years ago. A darkly comedic HBO series about a former professional hitman who tries to put his past behind him and start a new life as an actor has been highly anticipated by fans since the end of “Game of Thrones” in 2013.

The second season ended abruptly. The body of Janice Moss, Barry’s slain girlfriend, was shown to Barry’s acting instructor and mentor Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) by Fuches (Stephen Root), Barry’s former murder-broker whom he had turned on, by Fuches (Stephen Root). With only a few seconds left in Season 2, Gene recalled the words of a dying Fuches: “Barry Berkman did this.” As a result, Barry and Gene will once again be pitted against each other in Season 3.

We don’t know very much about what will happen in Season 3 of “Barry,” or when it will air on HBO and HBO Max, beyond those two points. However, Hader and the rest of the “Barry” cast and crew have expressed some intriguing things regarding the show’s future. Here’s what we know thus far:

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When will Barry Season 3 be released?

Unfortunately, an exact release date for Barry season 3 has not yet been set. After a year of speculation, HBO has announced that the programme will return sometime in 2022, albeit the network has not specified which month. Seasons 1 and 2 both launched in March, making a Spring 2022 premiere date for season 3 a distinct possibility. If all goes according to plan, the programme will run once a week on HBO and HBO Max when it returns.

On April 2, 2019, during the second season’s airing, Barry was officially renewed for a third season on ABC. Season 3 filming began in March 2020 but was soon halted due to the COVID-19 epidemic that broke out that month. In January 2021, Bill spoke on Late Night With Seth Meyers and discussed the COVID-related delays. My most recent experience with a large group of people was the table read for episodes one and two of season three, when we were all prepared to begin shooting. “And then everything was shut off,” he explained. “Season 3 is totally written and ready to go, and we were able to write season 4 within this time period.” So we’ve completed both of those tasks. In February 2021, Casey Bloys, CCO of HBO and HBO Max, stated that a fourth season of Barry is a “safe bet.” While the programme has not been formally renewed for a fourth season, he believes it will be.

According to Entertainment Weekly, production on Barry season 3 will officially begin in August 2021. At the time, HBO posted a photo of Henry, 76, and Bill, 76, smiling together on the set of the show.

Who’s in ‘Barry’ Season 3’s cast?

All of the primary characters from “Barry” are expected to return. This cast includes Bill Hader as Barry Berkman, a Marine-turned-hitman-turned-aspiring actor, Henry Winkler as Barry’s acting teacher Gene Cousineau, Sarah Goldberg as Barry’s narcissistic girlfriend Sally Reed, Stephen Root as Barry’s archnemesis Monroe Fuches, and Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank, the fan-favourite genial Chechen mobster who just wants to be Barry’s best friend..

The rest of Season 3’s cast is still up in the air. Cristobal (Daniel Irby), the Bolivian drug lord who was killed by Barry at the end of Season 2, may return. Maybe D’arcy Carden, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Darrell Britt-Gibson, who was Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscars guest, and the rest of Gene’s class, will show there. Is Lily (Jessie Giacomazzi), the small girl who vanquished Barry in fight and vanished into the night in the episode “ronny/lily” ever going to be found out? Were we even capable of it?

Season 3 has yet to receive any new cast members or guest stars.

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What’s the plot of ‘Barry’ Season 3?

What is certain is that the plot will continue where Season 2 left off, with Barry dealing with Gene discovering who he really is, the fallout from single-handedly slaughtering a temple full of Chechen, Burmese and Bolivian gangsters, his evolving relationship with Sally, and the possibility of making progress in his acting career after an audition that impressed director Jay Roach, among other things.

As Hader said to TV Guide following the Season 2 finale, he didn’t want the programme to become a succession of comical “near-misses,” so he had to have Gene discover that Barry had murdered Janice. However, he had no idea what was going to happen after that point. “And that’s how we’re going to start [Season 3],” he explained. “The first day of writing Season 2 was devoted to the question of ‘What happened to Moss.’

We were clueless as to what had happened to Moss. Season 3 will most likely conclude with the statement, “All right, we really dealt ourselves a bad hand here,” but I believe the first question we will ask is, “Where is Barry at emotionally?” I believe the first question we will ask is, “Where is Barry at emotionally?” And, more importantly, where is Cousineau, and what is Cousineau doing with all of this information?’ and anything else.”


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