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 Bad Boys 4 Release Date Status: Will There Be 4 “Bad Boys” Movie?

Bad Boys for Life was a surprise hit when it came out in January 2020. It made a lot of money at the box office, got good reviews (yes, really), and fans loved it. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have been playing Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett for 17 years? In Bad Boys II, they showed that they still had the action skills, deadpan comedy skills, and on-screen chemistry to not only make a solid return to the franchise but also make its best entry yet.

Fans who have been paying attention may remember that back in 2015 when it was announced that Lowrey and Burnett would be back, a fourth episode was also said to be in the works. In the months leading up to the release of Bad Boys for Life, Sony was strangely quiet about whether or not this was still the case. However, when it became clear that the third installment was going to clean house at the box office during its first weekend, which was the second-biggest January opening in history, Bad Boys 4 was quickly given the official go-ahead (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Even though we don’t know a lot about the movie yet, it’s never too early to look into the information we do have and make our usual well-informed guesses. Here’s what we know about Bad Boys 4 so far.

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Will There Be A Bad Boys 4?

Will There Be A Bad Boys 4
Will There Be A Bad Boys 4

The first Bad Boys movie came out in 1995, and Bad Boys 2 didn’t come out until 2003, eight years later. By 2015, Sony Pictures had announced plans to make a third and even a fourth movie in the series. But delays caused by problems with the directors, screenwriters, and cast during pre-production meant that Bad Boys for Life became the main focus.

But Sony Pictures was making Bad Boys 4, which they confirmed the day that Bad Boys For Life came out in theaters. The project has been put on hold for the time being, so it won’t be done any time soon. Sony put off making Bad Boys 4 because of the controversy over Will Smith’s Oscar slap, even though a script had been written and the studio was ready to start pre-production.

 Bad Boys 4 Release Date:

From past delays, it looked like Bad Boys 4 wouldn’t come out any time soon. But Sony Pictures started working on a fourth installment at the same time as the third movie came out, which suggests that Bad Boys 4 could come out soon. Based on how long it took to make Bad Boys For Life, it seems likely that Bad Boys 4 could have come out by 2023 or 2024.

Due to Will Smith’s Oscar slap, things aren’t as clear as they were, so it’s hard to say when the next Bad Boys movie will come out. The story for Bad Boys 4 is already set up, so if it ever gets made, it shouldn’t be too hard to get started.

What is the plot of Bad Boys 4?

Unfortunately, that stinger doesn’t tell us much about this case, but it’s clear that it will have something to do with Armando. Since the kid spent his whole life being raised by the wife of a brutal drug lord to be an assassin for a Mexican cartel, it makes sense that he knows a lot about all kinds of international criminal organizations. We think that in Bad Boys 4, Lowrey and Burnett will have to deal with a new criminal group that is trying to set up shop in Miami and that Armando knows something about.

But IMDB may give us another hint about what will happen in Bad Boys 4. Before the movie was officially announced, its page (which was probably made around the time the first 2015 announcements were made) had a short plot summary: “When a new threat appears in Miami, a modern, highly specialized police unit meets up with the Bad Boys.” The page has since been changed to say “Plot unknown,” but that little summary must have come from somewhere, and since Bad Boys for Life co-writer Chris Bremner has already been hired to write the fourth installment, it’s possible that the “highly specialized police unit” that gets in the way of Burnett and Lowrey might still be in the movie.

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