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Azure Security Engineer: AZ-500 Study Guide

An associate-level exam in the Azure domain primarily concerned with the security features of Azure services is called Azure Security Technologies. The Azure certification syllabus includes several fundamental subjects you must be familiar with to function daily.

Candidates should have experience building Azure security policies that safeguard identity, access, data, applications, and networks in hybrid and cloud environments as an element of an end-to-end architecture.

An Azure security engineer is responsible for maintaining the security posture, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, modelling, putting threat protection into place, and reacting to escalated security incidents.

This blog is going to learn everything about the AZ 500 course.

Exam Prerequisites

If you intend to take the Azure Security Technologies exam, ensure you pass any of the given azure courses first because it will provide you with sufficient exposure to Azure brands and facilities:

  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate

What To Expect From The Az 500?

The passing score for the azure certification is 700. The Az Technologies Exam lasts for 210 minutes, of which about 30 minutes are spent on surveys and evaluations. This leaves you with around 180 minutes to complete the exam.

The structure of the azure training exam may consist of any of the following:

  • Several questions in a case study with drag-and-drop items and two options.
  • Questions with a single-choice answer that cannot be skipped or reviewed. You can respond to them only once.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Questions related to arranging sequence.

Exam Preparation Recommendations

The subjects listed below should be given considerable time and preparation while studying for the AZ 500 exam.

  • Azure Service Endpoints vs Private Links
  • Azure Sentinel and Logic App Designer for alerts
  • Azure PIM
  • Azure Policy
  • Azure Conditional Access and MFA
  • Azure AD Connect and Hybrid Configuration
  • Managed and User Assigned Identity
  • Azure Security Centre
  • RBAC and Custom Roles

Resources For The Azure Course

Microsoft Learn provides a large selection of training and study materials for most Azure examinations. The following is a list of important modules to study for the Azure certification courses:


  • Azure Security Documentation
  • Secure your Cloud Applications in Azure
  • Manage Security Operations in Azure
  • Implement Network Security in Azure
  • Implement Resource Management Security in Azure
  • Manage Identity and Access in Azure Active Directory
  • Implement Virtual Machine Host Security in Azure

AZ 500 Course Outline

The course outline for the AZ 500 certification is described below.

Domain 1: Manage Identity and Access (30-35%)

  1. Configure secure access by using Azure AD
  2. Manage Azure Active Directory identities
  3. Manage application access
  4. Manage access control

Domain 2: Implement Platform Protection (15-20%)

  1. Configure advanced security for compute
  2. Implement advanced network security

Domain 3: Manage Security Operations (25-30%)

  1. Monitor security by using Azure Monitor
  2. Monitor security by using Azure Security Center
  3. Manage security by using Azure Sentinel
  4. Configure security policies

Domain 4: Secure Data and Applications (20-25%)

  1. Configure security for storage
  2. Configure security for databases
  3. Configure and manage Key Vault

How To Prepare For The Exam?

When preparing for the AZ 500 exam, there are several things to consider or explore. The points mentioned below are to be followed while preparing for the course –

Practice Tests

You can determine if you are prepared to take the exam or whether you still need to do some further studying by taking a practice test. The Microsoft Official Practice Tests are written by subject-matter experts and are intended to measure all test objectives.

Visit The Official Page

The AZ-500 official page should be your first stop after selecting to take the azure certification exam. You may find the page on the Microsoft website by looking through the available Azure certs. The official page provides reliable and current exam information. On the official page, candidates can discover information on eligibility requirements, exam objectives, and exam prerequisites.

Examine The Schedule Carefully

Exam objectives are covered in the next section of the study guide for the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam. For an effective understanding of the modules in the test, candidates should strive to comprehend the exam blueprint fully.

Select The Appropriate Learning Resources

Study materials and tools are major factors to consider for your AZ-500 test preparation. Candidates should know that the official Microsoft website is the ideal place to find whitepapers and educational materials.

Get Support Online

Online discussion boards and study groups also complement the AZ-500 exam preparation process. Similar-minded individuals studying for the AZ-500 and other Azure certification examinations may be found in the online forums and study groups. Therefore, these solutions provide reliable methods for enhancing your preparation while providing ongoing help. Candidates may find it easier to focus on their ultimate goal with the community’s backing.

A thorough understanding of the exam itself is a prerequisite for exam preparation. With the above information, you can prepare for the Azure certification exam.


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