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Atlantic Bowls Occasion Makes Its Return In Fredericton


There are two other yard bowling clubs in New Brunswick, which remember the Seaside for Saint John and the Centennial in Moncton.

Albert said she’s excited for additional individuals to join the Fredericton club.

“We normally would have 32 teams, but this year we went with 16 teams of triples,” said Albert, who is involved with the Fredericton lawn bowling club.

They also usually have teams consisting of pairs, she said.

“Normally we would have a bagpiper who would lead in the teams with their flags, and they would line up on the green,” Albert said. “And we’d usually have officials from the province or city there who would give two or three minutes of speech.”  

“We’re always open to receiving new members,” she said. “You don’t have to be a senior, children from the age of 10, 12 years old can play, as long as they can bowl. We have juniors, we have all ages that can play.”

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