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Netflix Cancelled Arrested Development Season 6

The last episode of Arrested Development aired two years ago. However, David Cross, a co-star of the cult comedy series Arrested Development, has claimed that Season 6 is quite unlikely. In 2006, the series concluded its run. However, viewers were relieved to see that Netflix had decided to bring the show back. Many fans are still holding out hope that Arrested Development will return for a Season 6. But the question remains: will it be given a second chance?

Can we expect a new season of Arrested Development?

Netflix has confirmed that there will not be a sixth season, and fans are getting sad due to its end. The fact that Arrested Development was cancelled implies that the show had hidden depths that weren’t fully recognized by its original audience. It appears that the show’s chemistry has fizzled out, and season 5 will be the last for this popular comedy. David Cross, who plays Tobias Fünke, has effectively shut down the possibility of a sixth season of Arrested Development.

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About Arrested Development

Arrested Development which premiered in 2003, yet Mitchell Hurwitz’s Arrested Development is still going strong. The original run on Fox lasted only three years, from November 2003 to February 2006. Nonetheless, Netflix purchased the rights to the show in 2011, and the second season premiered in May 2013. The sitcom centers around the Bluths, the formerly wealthy family. Despite their life change, they continue to live a luxurious lifestyle.

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Arrested Development Season 6

Why has the show called off?

Soon after, David revealed that he no longer believes it would be viable to return with a sixth season due to the tense atmosphere on set, there were whispers, though, that the cast was having trouble getting along. David expressed his concern that production problems would make it tough to film season six.

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It was constructed with the understanding that this is a complicated procedure for everyone involved. He has aged, of course. He went on to say that he doesn’t see why the show should go on. Since somebody presented a joke he had heard three weeks after shooting the show, they had to reshoot several parts. So they had to reshoot it, yet the joke didn’t fit in their storyline. So, according to David, season six shouldn’t be made.

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