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Are Arielle Charnas and Brandon Charnas Divorcing? Explore the Truth Behind the Rumours

Rumors regarding Arielle Charnas and Brandon Charnas, the high-profile New York couple behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Something Navy, have been circulating for several weeks, with many speculating that the two were headed for a split. The internet is abuzz with speculation about divorce rumors. Recently, the pair issued a statement to put an end to rumors about their marriage. Let’s check it out

Response to Rumors: The Charnas’ Denial

Fashion influencer Arielle Charnas appeared to tease the rumor mill by uploading a romantic selfie with her husband, Brandon Charnas, amid persistent divorce rumors.

During a Thursday car ride, Something Navy‘s founder grabbed a smiling Instagram photo with Brandon.

“Morning coffee date. ♥️,” the 35-year-old captioned the photo.

In the comments area, Brandon remarked jokingly, “I need a manicure.”

Other influencers and celebrities, including Barbara Corcoran, Hilaria Baldwin, and Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, offered their adoring comments.

She married Brandon in 2014, and the couple has three daughters: Ruby Lou, Esme Rae, and Navy Bea.

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Rumor Origins: Where It Began?

Arielle Charnas and Brandon Charnas, the high-profile couple from New York City, are denying recent rumors of divorce.

The rumor began on social media after Arielle Charnas came out without her wedding ring; the fashion influencer has refuted words that she has separated from her husband, Brandon Charnas, who has been accused of stealing money from her lifestyle firm.  

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Social Media Reactions Against Divorce Rumors

Due to internet rumors, Arielle Charnas, who has 1,3 million Instagram followers, has disabled comments on her posts.

Concerning the allegations that Arielle and Brandon Charnas are divorcing, a spokesman for Arielle stated on Page Six, “This is patently false. They are happily married and in love.” 

Despite an assault of Reddit and TikTok speculation, Arielle’s social media post appeared to convey to her 1.5 million Instagram followers that there is no trouble in her marriage; however, some of her followers were not convinced.


Thursday, one of her followers told Page Six, “She is trolling everyone.”

Another netizen remarked, “She’s not fooling anyone.”

Earlier this week, not only did swarms of social media users assert that the couple was on the verge of splitting up, but Brandon was also falsely accused of embezzling funds from Something Navy.

All of these rumors are fake. Arielle and Brandon are happily married; there was no embezzlement,” her representative informed Page Six on Wednesday.

Matthew Scanlan, the CEO of Something Navy, also rejected accusations that Brandon stole money.

This is all part of a disgusting, coordinated smear campaign attempting to damage Arielle and Brandon’s reputations and lives.”

Scanlan informed WWD in a statement, “This is categorically false, Brandon Charnas does not have access to company bank accounts. He is not an employee of the company and has no access points.”

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Final Words

In conclusion, Arielle and Brandon Charnas have clarified that there is no truth to the divorce rumors that have been circulating. They are committed to their marriage, as well as their three children.

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The couple has a successful business venture, Something Navy, and they are working together to continue to grow it. It is remarkable how Arielle and Brandon have managed to maintain an open dialogue with their fans through difficult times while staying true to the values of transparency and honesty in all aspects of their lives.

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