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Aqua Credit Card: Here is the Complete Guide for Using the Credit Card Easily!

NewDay, one of the leading banks, is the issuer of the Aqua credit card. If you’re looking for a significant consumer financial company in the UK, go no further than NewDay, whose sole mission is to improve people’s credit. Aqua credit was created to help people’s daily lives run more smoothly. They hope to aid those who are self-employed yet whose income is inconsistent or low. Individuals who have been turned down by traditional lenders can also turn to them for assistance. They only want to assist folks in establishing more favorable credit histories. You can find more information about the card and the instructions to use it from the article.

Aqua Card Login
Aqua Card Login; img

Step-by-Step Instructions on Accessing Your Account Online

Before learning how to access your Aqua Credit Card account, you must first register for one. You’ll need to show proof of the following items before registering:

  • Name
  • Account details
  • Your 16-digit card number or account number

When you enter these details, a one-time passcode (OTP) will be sent to your phone. After entering the one-time password, you will receive the online registration number via email and snail mail. The six-digit number you entered during online registration.

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Aqua Credit Card
Aqua Credit Card; img

Aqua Credit Card Sign-In Instructions.

The correct Aqua Credit Card login procedure is outlined below.

  • First, click here to be sent to Aqua Card Login Details. If you require additional troubleshooting steps, clicking this link will open a new tab with those instructions.
Aqua Card Login
Aqua Card Login Step 1; img
  • Proceed to Step 2 and then input your login authorization. These instructions for enrollment are included in the Aqua Card Login information.
  • Third, you should see a message confirming that you have successfully signed in to your Aqua card account after entering your PIN. If you have problems accessing the Aqua card login page, move on to Step 4.
  • Your account can be restored if you have forgotten your password, and it can be accessed with the information associated with your account.

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Aqua Card Login
Aqua Card Login Step ; img

Call Aqua’s toll-free number if you still need help after reading this article. You can activate your Aqua credit card by either calling the automated service at 0800 028 7777 or by clicking here. Sign your new card as soon as possible.

Will using the card overseas incur any fees?

You can use your Aqua credit card anywhere that accepts Mastercard, which is over 36 million locations and over 600,000 ATMs worldwide. Always remember that there may be a fee assessed when purchasing in a foreign currency using your Aqua card. In other words, this will be tacked onto your total and not show up as a separate line item on your bill. Any questions regarding your credit card’s use should be addressed to the credit card’s terms and conditions.

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Are there restrictions on how much money can be taken out at once?

Depending on your credit limit, you could withdraw up to £300 daily. Remember that interest will begin accruing on the day a cash transaction is sent to your account, and a fee of £4 or (5% of the amount, whichever is greater) will be imposed (usually the next working day). You should be aware that either of them could cause you to exceed your credit limit, and you should monitor your account activity accordingly.

Aqua Card Login
Aqua Card Mobile; img src:

Pros and Cons of Aqua Credit Card

Most people experiencing trouble getting loans can benefit from this credit card. Aqua makes the loans with caution, taking into account the borrower’s employment or company situation. The Aqua smart card features sample APRs of 49.9% (variable) and 49.9% per annum (fixed). Furthermore, it provides a credit limit of anywhere from £100 to £300.


  • This credit card has no annual charge for the first year.
  • There is no overseas transaction fee.
  • You are provided with a reasonable credit limit.
  • This card lives up to its billing as a tool for establishing or enhancing credit.
  • Your spending, statement date, and the payment date will always be communicated to you so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.
  • The kindest and most helpful staff in the industry.
  • The app’s layout is intuitive.

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  • The credit card offers no significant perks for its users.
  • Even after several months, my credit limit has remained the same.
  • The interest rate is higher than that of any other card available.
  • A low initial Aqua credit card limit is possible.
  • Your Aqua credit card limit could be low at first.
  • There are no credit card administration resources available.
  • Results in a very high APR
Aqua Card Login
Aqua Card Login Mobile Interface; img


Aqua Credit Card eligibility checks take less than 60 seconds and have no bearing on a consumer’s credit score, making them quick and convenient. You can maintain command with the help of this app’s helpful guides, text alerts, and more.

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