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Apple iOS 16 Release Date Status: Features, Device Support List, And Everything You Need To Know

At WWDC 2022, Apple showed off IOS 16, its newest iPhone operating system, and the follow-up to iOS 15.

It’s a release that makes many apps better. For example, the Home app for your smart appliances has been redesigned and now has better privacy features. The lock screen has also been given a lot of attention, with new fonts, colors, and themes to choose from.

Apple has confirmed that the public beta will start in July and be available for iPhone 8 and later models in late 2022.

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Apple ios 16 Release Date Details

Apple usually puts out a new version of iOS with each new iPhone. So, it makes sense that we think the official iOS 16 will be released in early Fall 2022. September, to be exact if everything goes well with the launch of the iPhone.

Fans who can’t wait, though, will be able to try out beta versions of iOS 16 this Summer. Members of the Developer Program can now try out the Developer Beta. Other users can wait until the Public Beta comes out, which should be around the beginning of July.

Features Of Apple ios 16

You can change the font and colors of the text, use portrait mode for your photos, and more by tapping anywhere on the lock screen.

You can also add complications, which is a feature of the Apple Watch. You will be able to turn on three of them for your lock screen, and the Now Playing screen will be moved to the bottom so that your thumb can reach it more easily.

This is like making a watch face on your Apple Watch. You can swipe between different lock screens, and some of them can also be turned on or off based on your Focus profile, which has been a part of home screens since iOS 15.

Notifications are also getting better with “Live Activities,” which lets you make widgets to keep up with the news, call an Uber, track your workouts, and do other things.

Focus, an Apple feature, will also be added to the lock screen. You can add a specific focus profile. For example, tapping “Meeting” could change your lock screen to show wallpaper and a row of widgets with information about that event.

You can also use “Focus Filters” to block tabs in Safari, accounts in Mail, events in Calendar, and more to help you manage your workflow.

apple ios 16
apple ios 16

How Can I Update To iOS 16?

Method 1.

Keep your phone set to update itself automatically. Your device will either update to iOS 16 on its own or you will be asked to do so.

Method 2.

Keep your phone set to update itself automatically. Your device will either update to iOS 16 on its own or you will be asked to do so.

Method 2: Go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Software Update,” and click “Upgrade to iOS 16.” (Coming Soon). When you click “Download and Install,” the iOS 16 update will start to be put on your phone. After the update, you will have to restart.

Well, all of the information above comes from leaks and rumors; nothing has been officially confirmed about the iOS 16 operating system yet. We have to wait for an official hint or announcement to find out more.

So, what do you think about the upcoming iOS 16 operating system and what do you expect from it? Please tell us by leaving a comment in your own words below. Thank you for reading to the end of the post.

What’s New In Apple’s iOS 16?

Even though iOS 16 is sure to have a lot of small changes, Apple chose to focus on just a few of them for its WWDC 2022 debut.

New lock Screen

Most iPhone users will love the new lock screen, which might be the biggest change in the phone’s history. It has new layouts, color schemes, and quick-glance information that look like they were taken from the Apple Watch.

New lock Screen
New lock Screen

Customization is the most important thing. You can change the layout of the lock screen and choose different fonts and colors for the time and date. You can also swipe to add fun effects. Those effects are automatically made based on your wallpaper, which adds a new level of sync. But if you need to, you can change these.

You will also be able to add widgets to the new lock screen and move the widgets and background around as needed. Just like the Apple Watch, this is great for getting information like the weather, your current fitness level, and upcoming calendar events at a glance.

When you take Portrait photos with your iPhone, the clock appears in front of (or behind) the subject of the photo, giving it a subtle depth effect.

But what kind of wall covering should you use? Apple has made a new wallpaper gallery with millions of possible combinations, as well as a Phot Shuffle mode that will switch between pictures in your library throughout the day. There are also new wallpapers that you can interact with, like a live weather wallpaper, and there are also fluid animations.

What’s the best? You can have as many as you want, and each one can have its lock screen. You can even swipe between them to turn on the focus mode for each one without going back to the home screen.

New Notification System

What good is a fancy new lock screen if it’s always full of notifications? Apple has announced that iOS 16 will have a new notification system that will show incoming alerts at the bottom of the lock screen menu. This will make the lock screen less cluttered.

New Notification System
New Notification System

In iOS 16, there will also be a new feature called Live Activities, which is meant to stop sports and delivery apps from sending too many real-time notifications. Instead of sending a lot of notifications when your order is picked up, on its way, or outside, for example, developers can make neat experiences that can be seen at a glance.


In iOS 16, there are also changes to the Messages app. One of the most-requested changes is the ability to edit messages right after sending them. Yes, you’ll be able to change your messages on Apple before you can change them on Twitter.

There is also a new Undo Send option for messages that have just been sent, which is great for making changes at the last minute. You can also mark threads as unread if you want to reply to them later but don’t want to forget.


SharePlay will also be built into the Messages app. This will let you watch movies, listen to music, and do other things while texting with friends.

Live Text Coming To Video

Live Text was a big addition to iOS 15, giving you the ability to interact with text in photos you’ve saved on your iPhone. It lets you make calls, copy and paste text, and do other things right from the screen. In iOS 16, you can also convert money and translate text.

Live Text coming to video
Live Text coming to video

Apple wants to add support for videos, so you can pause the video at any time and copy any code on the screen. This would be great for coding videos and other similar things.

You’ll also be able to find products in photos saved in the Photos app and, for some reason, drag and drop cutout images into the Messages app.

How Much Does It Cost To Get iOS 15?

What does it cost to get iOS 15? iOS 15, like all other updates for iOS, iPad, and macOS, is free for phones that can run it.

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