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Who Are Angourie Rice Parents And Does She Have Any Siblings?

Angourie Rice, an actress from Australia, is currently causing a buzz all over the world. You may have seen her on The Last Thing He Told Me, which is available on Apple TV Plus, or on Mare of Easttown, which is available on HBO.

Alternatively, you may recognize her from Marvel’s Spider-Man films or from the funny Senior Year produced by Netflix. Regardless, you are aware that she is exceptional in every character that she plays.

Fans are interested in learning more about her, along with her family, just like they are with the majority of celebrities. Let’s find out who Angourie’s parents are. How many siblings does she have? All of the information regarding Angourie Rice parents is presented here!

Angourie Rice Parents

On New Year’s Day in the year 2001, Angourie Rice was born in Sydney, which is located in Australia. Jeremy Rice and Kate Rice, her parents, were already well-known in the entertainment world, having worked as directors and writers, respectively, before their daughter’s birth.

It is said on Kate’s own profile on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) that she has worked as a writer for the television shows Castaway and Trapped, in addition to performing in a number of other television programs.

In the year 2000, Kate and Jeremy tied the knot, which was one year prior to the birth of Angourie. Additionally, information regarding Vanessa Morgan parents is available for your review and consideration.

Angourie Rice Parents
Angourie Rice Parents

One of the television series that Angourie’s mother, Kate, wrote was called Trapped, and Angourie’s father, Jeremy, was actually a director on that show! This is a completely adorable turn of events! Therefore, it is not surprising that Angourie decided to pursue a career in acting because in her family, acting is a profession.

Here is a picture of Angourie Rice with her mother, Kate Rice:


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Angourie Rice Siblings

One of Angourie’s siblings is a younger sister who goes by the name Kalliope Rice. Kalliope Rice also has her own page on the Internet Movie Database. During this time, you can also have the opportunity to read information regarding Max Christie parents.

On Kalliope’s entry on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), it is stated that she has made appearances in a number of commercials and short films that were shot in Perth, which is located in Western Australia.

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Is it possible that Kalliope may assume the role of Angourie’s younger sister in the upcoming Spider-Man film? (Because, after all, Angourie has already made an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks as Betty Brant, Peter Parker’s fellow student!)

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