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RHOBH Reunion: Andy Cohen Apologizes to Garcelle Beauvais

Making amends. Andy Cohen said he was sorry after being criticized for handling the fight between Garcelle Beauvais and Lisa Rinna at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Cohen, 54, said on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy show on Monday, October 24: “I need to really, truly apologize not only for changing the subject but also for not going back to the serious conversation that was going on.” “Garcelle is someone I really admire.”

After the second part of the season 12 reunion special aired, the Bravo producer said he had a “really good, productive conversation” with Beauvais, who is 55 years old.

“I should have been more aware of how she felt,” he added before talking about what people had to say about the segment online. “I just wanted to say that because I have been logging in and getting.”

During part two of the RHOBH reunion, which aired on Thursday, October 20, Rinna, 59, said she was the one who threw Beauvais’s book, Love Me as I Am, in the trash. Before, their co-star Erika Jayne took credit for the book after posting a picture of it on social media.

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“I have to be honest, I threw Garcelle’s book in the trash,” the former soap star said at the time. “Garcelle and I made a deal with a handshake that we would not talk about the kids.

So, about a year and a half later, she wrote about my daughter Amelia Hamlin in a way that was not good, but was terrible. And I did just that.”

The model, on the other hand, said that she answered Rinna’s criticisms behind the scenes. “I said, ‘What can we do? We still have a week until the book comes out. What can we do?'” Beauvais recalled.

“So, we all came up with the idea of putting out a second edition of the book, along with an audio version, and that is what we did.” Cohen quickly changed the subject and asked Rinna why she did not recycle the things that seemed to be in her trash can.

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In response, the host’s fans called him out for not standing up for the Haitian. Cohen put the former Melrose Place star in the hot seat later in the episode for her “disastrous” behavior on social media.

“Lisa, I had told you this many times when we were alone. You cause yourself so much trouble. “You post something, and then you have to take it down,” the man from Missouri said.

“About a week or two ago, you posted, ‘I am never going to post about the Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ Then, yesterday, you posted a lot about the reunion and what is to come, as well as text messages. It makes me worry.

You post some crap, and I am like, “What is she doing?” Like putting the blame on production.” Rinna said she would do better after she said that posting on Instagram gave her a “dopamine high.”

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“I just try to be myself, and I do. I do not always think something is terrible when I do it for the first time. She added, “Not always.” “And sometimes I am like, ‘F—k it.’…

When it comes to that, I am still getting better, but I will. I will.”

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