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Who is Andrew Wiggins Wife? Meet His Beautiful Partner!

Canadian professional basketball player Andrew Wiggins was born in Toronto on February 23, 1995. He gained notoriety in 2014 after he was selected first overall in the NBA Draft. Wiggins, who has demonstrated his skill for teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors, is well-known for his scoring ability and adaptability.

Given his athletic background—his father was an NBA player, and his mother was an Olympic track standout—Wiggins became a high school and collegiate basketball great.

Andrew Wiggins Wife

Although Andrew Wiggins remains unmarried, he is in a relationship with Mychal Johnson, an Afro-American citizen of the United States. Mychal and Wiggins started dating in 2013. Mychal and Wiggins are the same age. Mychal participated as a player on the University of Notre Dame basketball team. Her partner is a seasoned NBA player who has won championships before.

Who is Mychal Johnson?

Mychal Johnson, an Afro-American citizen of American descent, appears to be about the same age as her 26-year-old boyfriend Andrew Wiggins. This is as a result of their shared ethnic heritage. She keeps the world from learning about her personal life, including the specifics of her family. Her full name is Mychal.M. Johnson. She follows the teachings of Christianity.

With over 24k followers, she is active on Instagram and goes by the handle “@mycoool_.” Johnson describes herself as an entrepreneur and blogs frequently. As a member of the University of Notre Dame basketball team, Mychal represented the university.

Her professional job is unknown to the public; however, her boyfriend is an NBA player for the Golden State Warriors. He arrived in Memphis to play for the Grizzlies before joining the Golden State Warriors. As part of the NBA Draft, he inked a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers on June 14, 2014.

How Long Have Mychal Johnson and Andrew Wiggins Been Dating?

NBA basketball star Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors and Mychal Johnson are now dating. The two started dating in 2013, and they have now been together for nine years.

They take pleasure in each other’s companionship and friendship. Given the lack of rumors around their relationship and the lack of signs that the two are breaking up, it is logical to believe that they won’t. Consequently, the two are doing well.

Does the Couple Have Any Kids?

Amyah Wiggins, a beautiful baby girl, was born to the couple in 2018, and it was announced that they had given birth to their first child. In the year 2021, they became parents to their second daughter, bringing the total number of children in the family to four. They had two baby daughters making up their family. She was initially referred to by the name Alyah Milan.

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Andrew Wiggins’s Career

March 31, 2014, was Wiggins’ declaration date for the 2014 NBA draft. On June 26, 2014, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected him first overall in the NBA draft, making him just the second Canadian to be taken first overall in draft history.

The other was Anthony Bennett, who was selected first overall by Cleveland in the NBA selection of 2013, one year earlier. The Minnesota Timberwolves, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Cavaliers finalized a three-team deal on August 23.

Wiggins, Bennett, and Thaddeus Young, who was then with the Sixers, were all dealt to the Wolves as part of the agreement. The Cavaliers acquired Kevin Love from Minnesota, and Luc Mbah-a Moute, Alexey Shved, and a first-round draft pick from Cleveland were developed by the Sixers.

After the ABA-NBA merger, Wiggins is only the second player (Chris Webber being the first) to be taken as the top overall pick in a draft and then traded without ever playing a game for the franchise for which he was initially selected.

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