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AND 1 Net Worth 2023 (Updated) – How Much Is The Footwear Brand Worth?

AND1 is an American fashion footwear and clothing company. It mainly specialises in basketball shoes, sporting goods, and clothing. The company was founded on August 13, 1993, by Seth Berger, Tom Austin, and Jay Coen Gilbert. In 2005, the company was purchased by American Sporting Goods, and later it was sold to Brown Shoe Company in February 2011. As of 2022, AND1’s net worth is approximately $140 million.

Company Name



August 13, 1993


Seth Berger, Tom Austin, Jay Coen Gilbert

Primary Office

1407 Broadway Ste, New York


Basketball shoes, clothing, sports equipment

Net Worth

$140 million

Early Days

Three college graduates, Seth Berger, Tom Austin, and Jay Coen Gilbert, came to the island in 1993 with their graduate-level project, AND1. The group first started selling T-shirts out of the trunk of the automobile.

The three founders then began using early forms of advertising, using basketball slogans like “Pass, Save Yourself The Embarrassment” and “Trash Talk”. Street basketball players were another target demographic for the company’s T-shirts.

Following that, their T-shirts were put on sale by the American sportswear shop Foot Locker. Their company finally saw exponential growth, reaching 1,500 locations throughout the US. Stephon Marbury, a professional basketball player, was chosen as the organization’s first spokesperson in 1996. When the company finally made its first pair of basketball shoes, Marbury agreed to be a spokesman for it.

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AND1 Net Worth & Its Success

NBA players Darrell Armstrong, Ab Osondu, Miles Simon, and Toby Bailey appeared in AND1’s first batch of print advertisements and television commercials in 1999. However, their usual marketing strategy was unsuccessful. Then, they used a different approach and employed “Skip tape,” a videotape created by Rafer Alston, a streetball player. The businesses then struck a collaboration agreement with FootAction.

Only eight years after its founding, the footwear company AND1 finally overtook Nike as the second-largest basketball brand in America. The business was sold to American Sporting Goods in 2005 and,  finally overtook Nike as the second-largest basketball brand in America. The business was sold to American Sporting Goods in 2005 and, subsequently, in 2011 to Brown Shoe Company. After that, in August 2011, it was sold to Galaxy Brands. The company and Sequential Brands Group later amalgamated. In August 2013, the company commemorated its 20th anniversary and held the AND1 Labor Day Summer Remix.

In November 2012, the business inked a sponsorship agreement with Lance Stephenson, a former Pacer. All four years of high school, the professional basketball player won the NYC championships. The company collaborated with SLAM magazine in 2015 and staged a number of events related to the NBA All-Star Game. Currently, more than 100 high school and AAU teams compete around the country in different leagues and competitions.

The Netflix documentary series “Untold: The Rise and Demise of And1” is about the rise and fall of AND1. The documentary series looks at the businesses that rose to the pinnacle of basketball and popular culture before fading away. The business grew quickly because of its innovative marketing plans, which helped it become one of the best-known basketball companies in the world.

The company’s success was fleeting, however, and it rapidly declined as a result of a number of factors, including the presence of its main rival, Nike. The company also made the largest error after signing Stephon Marbury, the first NBA player to stumble and injure his ankle. The event happened while the firm was still quite young.

A different method in which the corporation failed was due to AND1’s sponsorships. After they stopped making mixtapes, they assembled a top-tier streetball team and sent them on tours each summer around the country. The Streetball half-hour programme on ESPN2 also aired the tour. Following a brief break, they returned in 2010 with their Mixtape Tour, which was also known as the AND1 Live Streetball Tour.

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AND1 Net Worth in 2023

Around $140 million in income is produced annually by AND1. The corporation primarily supports NBA players, and numerous AUU teams serve as brand ambassadors for it. Galaxy Universal is the parent company of AND1 and has its main headquarters in Broadway, New York.

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