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American Rapper Offset Net Worth And Earning 2022: Early Life, Career And Everything You Need To Know

This page has information about Offset’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, and a lot more. Offset is an American rapper with a $32 million net worth. Offset is an American rapper who has done very well. He is known as one of America’s most famous and successful young rappers. He has had a lot of success in a very short amount of time. Offset is the most well-known member of the hip-hop group Migos.

He started rapping when he was very young, and by 2002, he was making a living at it. Offset was able to do well as a dancer when he was younger. In 2008, Offset formed a hip-hop group with two other people called Migos. Offset was from a middle-class family, just like the other two.

In 2013, the group became well-known after putting out a song called “Versace.” Later, they put out albums and a lot of singles, all of which did very well.


After the single “Versace” came out in 2013, Migos started to get more attention. This happened 4 years after the group got together, which shows that you have to be patient to be successful.

With the help of a young producer from Australia named Yifei Hechen, they put out their first studio album, “Yung Rich Nation,” in 2015.

Two years later, their song “Bad and Boujee” went viral on the internet, which brought them to the attention of the general public. You’ve probably seen memes online with the song’s lyrics “rain drop, drop top” written all over them.

The song went to number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and many critics thought that Offset was in charge of it. Culture, their second studio album, debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart the same year it came out.

Offset is very successful as a member of the group Migos, but he has also released songs on his own in which he works with other artists like Drake and Macklemore.

Offset Rapper Net Worth:

NameKiari Kendrell Cephus
Net Worth (2022)$32 Million
Monthly Income And Salary$350000+
Yearly Income And Salary$4 Million +
Last UpdatedMay 2022

As of 2022. Offset’s estimated net worth is around $36 million. He is one of the best-paid rappers and songwriters in the music industry. With his group Migos, he has put out a lot of hit songs. From September 2018 to September 2019, the group is said to have made $36 million.

Also, Migos make between $250,000 and $350,000 per show. Each show earns Offset about $100,000. Most of his money comes from the music business, like when he sells albums, plays shows, streams music, etc. Migos has more than 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify and billions of views on Apple Music and YouTube, among other platforms.

About $500,000 a month comes from the apps, which are their only source of income. Every year, Offset’s net worth goes up. Migos also made a huge amount of money from selling their merchandise. Offset also started a high-end fashion line in Paris and put money into a lot of well-known groups. Offset gets paid more than $6 million a year.

Personal Life:

In 2017, Offset started dating Cardi B, who is also a rapper. On September 20, 2017, they got married behind closed doors. The next month, they asked each other out in public at a live show at Power 99’s Powerhouse in Philadelphia. In 2017, he got caught cheating with a groupie named Celina Powell. Powell said she was going to have his baby. Powell later said that she had made up the pregnancy to try to break up with him so that she could have sex with him.

He was hurt in a car accident in May 2018. He said that he was in his green Dodge Challenger when he almost died.

Cardi B told Saturday Night Live viewers on April 7, 2018, that she and Offset were expecting their first child. Cardi B said on Instagram on December 5, 2018, that she and Offset had broken up because Offset had cheated on her while she was pregnant. Offset cheated on her with Summer Bunni, who was trying to be a rapper and was also a model. In texts that got out, he asked her and the American rapper Cuban Doll to hang out together. In 2019, the couple recorded the song “Clout” and put it out. It was said that Cardi B had filed for divorce in September 2020, but the next month it was said that she and Offset were back together.

Offset’s great uncle died of COVID-19 in the year 2020. Offset has said that he doesn’t trust a vaccine for COVID-19.

Offset and Cardi B told the world on June 27, 2021, that they were going to have their second child together. On September 4, 2021, Cardi B gave birth to their second child, a son named Wave Set Cephus.

Offset has five kids with four different women. The first four of them are on the cover of his new album, Father of 4.

  1. Jordan Cephus, son born to Justine Watson (2010)
  2. Kody Cephus, son born to Oriel Jamie (2015)
  3. Kalea Marie Cephus, daughter born to Shya L’Amour (2015)
  4. Kulture Kiari Cephus, daughter born to Cardi B (2018)
  5. Wave Set Cephus, son born to Cardi B (2021)
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