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Allison Holthoff Cause Of Death : N.S. Health Conducting Investigation On Tragic Death

Allison Holthoff’s cause of death has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks. The tragedy left many people asking questions and seeking answers, as Allison was a beloved community member. Allison’s death was reported on March 1, 2021, and caused shock and grief throughout the nation. This article will look into the cause of Allison Holthoff’s death, exploring all known facts to clarify this difficult situation.

What Happened To Allison?

allison holthoff cause of death

A man from Nova Scotia named Gunter Holthoff, whose wife Allison Holthoff, 37, died in hospital after waiting seven hours to see a doctor, is seeking answers from the provincial health system. Allison Holthoff passed away on New Year’s Eve after being sent to the emergency room at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre in Amherst, Nova Scotia, approximately 140 kilometers north of Halifax.

Holthoff was the deputy chief of a volunteer fire brigade and a mother of three children of school age.

“Unfortunately, I feel we were neglected to a point where they couldn’t ignore us anymore, but at that point, it was just too late,” her widower Gunter Holthoff told reporters Monday during a news conference.

At approximately 11 a.m. on December 31, Gunter Holthoff rushed his wife to the hospital after she fainted in excruciating agony and complained of an upset stomach.

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Allison Holthoff Death Cause: Autopsy Explored


Allison had already told Holthoff that she felt like she was dying in the waiting area, but she was saying it more frequently at this time. Holthoff recalled what she had said.

“‘I feel like I’m dying. They will let me die here,’ 

Seven hours after the couple’s arrival at the hospital, around 5:30 or 6 p.m., Allison began screaming in pain and pleading for assistance. A new nurse entered the room to recheck the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. According to Holthoff, Allison’s pulse was about 100, and her blood pressure was between 40 and 60.

“After then, everything transpired rapidly, and everyone picked up the pace,” he stated. It was the first time I thought someone was genuinely paying attention to us.

Allison finally saw a doctor, who administered two liters of IV fluids and pain medication. She was given an EKG and sent to the X-ray room for preparation. Holthoff left the room for a few minutes during her X-ray examination. When he returned, she was wailing in agony. Holthoff reported that his wife was shrieking.

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“I can’t breathe. I’m in pain, don’t move me, I’m in pain,” 

holthoff cause of death

Holthoff reported that Allison’s eyes began rolling back in her head, and a “Code Blue” was broadcast over the public address system to alert medical personnel of a cardiac arrest. The room in which she was rapidly filled with medical personnel.

“So many people coming and going. It was like a f—— train station. It was busy; It was hectic, “he added. It was crowded.

Holthoff was informed that his wife had been revived three times. At this time, he hoped to bring her home within a few days, weeks, or months. He was then informed that there was little hope for his wife and that the odds were not in her favor. The decision was made to forego surgery.

According to him, a physician did inform him that the C.T. scan revealed abdominal bleeding. However, they were unable to pinpoint the particular source of the bleeding.

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N.S. Health Conducting Investigation

A representative for the Department of Health and Wellness stated in an email to CTV News on Monday that Nova Scotia Health is initiating an inquiry to establish what happened to Allison.

The results will be shared with the family when the inquiry is complete, according to the agency.

During an interview with CTV News early Monday afternoon, Thompson stated,

“We have initiated a quality review of the circumstances, and we are committed to seeing that process through and ensuring that we get back to the family with the recommendations from that quality review,” 

The purpose of the quality review, launched automatically, according to Thompson, is to gain a more profound knowledge of what happened to Allison that day.

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“I don’t have the specifics of the case and can’t speak to those, but a quality review allows the team to look at a patient’s journey and understand where things go right, and where things go wrong, and how we can improve the system.”

Thompson stated that the quality evaluation results would not be made public.

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