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Actor Joel Mchale Was Excited To Talk About The Confirmation Of The Community Movie

In response to the recent news that a Community movie is finally moving forward at Peacock, Joel McHale expresses excitement. Community, which debuted in 2009, follows the daily antics of a misfit study group at Greendale Community College directed by former attorney Jeff Winger (McHale). After five seasons, the Dan Harmon-created show was canceled, but a sixth season was later taken up by the now-defunct Yahoo! Screen.

Fans have been clamoring for a movie to be created ever since Community’s last season aired when the characters on the show themselves first proposed that the series would consist of six seasons plus a movie

A Community movie has finally been confirmed, following years of anticipation and sporadic updates from Harmon and the cast. McHale will reprise his role as Winger in the film, which will also star Alison Brie as Annie, Danny Pudi as Abed, Gillian Jacobs as Britta, Ken Jeong as Ben Chang, and Jim Rash as Dean Pelton.

The Community movie’s cast members, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Troy (Donald Glover), as well as Chevy Chase’s Pierce, are not anticipated to appear because of the character’s death in season 5. The movie’s plot is still unknown, but Harmon will write the script and serve as an executive producer, and McHale will also be involved. 

In a recent interview with ET, Joel McHale talks about the Community movie finally occurring. The actress expresses shock that what first began as a show inside joke is now actually happening, especially after the show was twice canceled. McHale expresses his gratitude to Peacock for providing the funds necessary to finally make it happen and claims that he and everyone else involved are eager to get started. See McHale’s entire remark below:

“We can’t believe a show that was canceled twice is now [getting a movie]. The ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ hashtag actually freaking happened! If you had said in 2009, after a show that was canceled twice, that there would be a movie, I would say that you’re high. [But] we’re doing it! Thank you, Peacock, for funding it. I hope you’re ready for what’s gonna happen. We’re very excited, Dan’s excited, and yeah, I really can’t believe it”

The Community Movie Release Date

Considering the film’s recent announcement and the lack of information about its cast or production schedule, an official release date is premature at this point. It’s unlikely that it will come out before late 2023 or, at the earliest, early 2024.

The Community Movie Plot

Even though a logline or summary of the movie’s plot hasn’t been released yet, “Community” fans can probably guess that it will involve all of the characters from all of the seasons getting back together.

As a fan, I can only guess that the plot will be about Alison Brie’s character, Annie Eddison, getting a group of Greendale Community College students to help save the school. 

Where Can I Watch The ‘Community’Movie? 

It has been revealed that the film will only be available on the Peacock streaming platform. Both existing fans and potential new viewers can enjoy the film on Peacock if they happen to be located in a country where the service is made available.

Viewers in non-broadcast regions may be able to watch Peacock until it is made available through NBC/regional Universal’s broadcast partner(s) in that territory, or until it is released on Blu-ray, DVD, or digital rental/download.

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