7 Best restaurants you must try in Toronto

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Canada has more than thousands of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and Toronto being the capital, has some of the best ones with exquisite cuisines and lip-smacking local food. 

Check out the best restaurants for quality food in Toronto:

1. ALO

It is one of the best restaurants in entire Canada. It is a modern, elegant, and softly lit culinary oasis. The cooking and presentation style is inspired by Japan, France, and North America. The ingredients used in food are exotic and luxurious that provides a rich taste in cuisine.

2. Marked

Marked has lip-smacking South American cuisine, weekend brunch & cocktails. People love drinks, meat, and seafood here which makes it so popular.

3. Patois Toronto

This restaurant is comparatively small in size but has delicious food and to offer. The portions served have the perfect quantity for your hungry belly. It is famous for Caribbean-Asian cuisine made by Chef Craig Wong. This place offers good service and has an amazing vibe. 

4. Vietlicious 

Vietlicious is the perfect spot for Vietnamese food. Chicken Pho, Steak Banh Mi, and Grilled Squid are a must-try here if you aren’t a vegetarian like me. Also, Fruity Sangria is the best summer takeaway. 

5. Richmond Station

Richmond is co-owned by a “Top Chef Canada” winner and has the best burger in entire Toronto. While choosing a cocktail, you can select Clarified English Milk Punch. The credit also goes to the staff members who were well behaved and attentive.

6. Dreyfus

Dreyfus is a recent opening that has made its place in the hearts of many Canadians. This place has antique plates and silverware with an exotic and beautiful venue. It is a small french restaurant with good wine options. 

7. George Restaurant

 It is famous for creating globally inspired dishes. My favorite part here is that it offers a reasonable range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. It is a fine dining restaurant with award-winning chef Lorenzo Loseto. 

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