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50 Cent’s Son Marquise Offers One Month of Child Support for 24 Hours With Estranged Father

50 Cent’s estranged 25-year-old son, Marquis Jackson, has reacted to the backlash he received by complaining that the $80,000 annual child support paid by Fif wasn’t enough to cover up his lifestyle.

Marquis Jackson, born October 13, 1997, is a 22-year-old singer. He was credited for his feud with his father’s 50 Cent because they don’t have a good relationship. His siblings include his sister Mia Jackson and half-brother Sire Jackson.

He graduated from his military academy in St. Johns, Delafield, Wisconsin, USA, and has been interested in basketball since high school. Marquis made his debut in the music industry with the song “Different” and was featured in his father’s video of his documentary “50 Cent: The New Breed”. He also appeared in a short documentary, Artist Portraits: The Making of ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.


50 Cent's Oldest Son Calls His $6700/Month In Child Support Inadequate

I’ll pay him $6,700 in just 24 hours so I can do everything I ever wanted to do with him when I was a kid red, yellow, green, whatever color he likes” Marquise opened up about his troubled relationship with his famous father in response to people inviting him for an interview on his YouTube channel in Chalk Jokes, and asked his mother to take care of him. I complained about the money I received. “[Child support] is $6,700 a month,” she says Marquise.

“If you do the math in New York City… you’re talking about a Forbes lister. You’re talking about someone who has a problem with everybody. You can’t live in the neighborhood.” $81,000 is not“If I told you to start your life over again for $6,700 a month right now, would you be able to do that?” Marquese asked.

When Chalk said yes, he couldn’t believe it. . “I know what it feels like to have nothing,” added Marquise. “I had to rebuild my life on $6,700 a month.” 50 Cent’s relationship with his son Marquise has been strained for some time as his father and son have called him numerous times over the years.In 2019, Fif revealed that Marquise is not his own son. I even said no.

$6,700 a month isn’t enough to sustain a life in New York City, Fif’s son told Choke No Joke during a recent Instagram Live session.

50 Cent officially finalized child support payments for his eldest son, Marquise Jackson, in 2017, but the 25-year-old isn’t finished talking about his financial relationship with his estranged father.

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Just a few weeks ago, a young Jackson took part in a live Instagram session with former rapper Choke No Jokes to discuss the horrific effects of child support disputes on families.

Fif’s eldest son told co-hosts that for $6,700 a month he got from his famous father, he’d be spending $6,700 a month in New York. “You’re talking about a Forbes lister, you’re talking about someone who’s in trouble with anyone. You’re just a neighbor.” cannot live in “$81,000 is not a lot of money,” he added. “You can’t live anywhere.

In response, Chalk points out that if his father gave him $6,700, his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, must have the other half, which would bring his monthly child support to almost $13,500. He also claimed that Jackson’s mother should be held responsible for him, but Marquise continued with his original claim.

According to his Instagram caption, Choke plans to use his 50 Cent on another of his Instagram Lives to tell his side of the story. “The psycho-manipulation and separation of fathers and children by mothers needed to be discussed because people are unaware of the mental illness caused by separation of fathers and children,” he told his followers earlier this week. “We are half-reacted to the baby, the mother’s child, but financially responsible without custody unless there is a court order. Before I delve deeper, I’m still 50 coping with it.” I’m waiting for you. The Marquise said to his side, and now fifty say to his side.

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In 2017, 50 made it public news that he had completed all of his child support payments. He even took to social media to celebrate, but later apologized for the Instagram post. Marquise immediately criticized his father for making light of a very real situation for him. The feud between 50 Cent and Marquise Jackson has been going on for a long time, but their relationship worsened when Marquise spent some time with his father’s enemy, Supreme Griff’s son.

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