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13 Safe and Non-toxic Ways to Kill Ants in Your Home

Ants can become a big problem in the home: they eat plants, they are in wooden ceilings and they can even cause irreparable damage to foundations or walls. I discovered 13 homemade ways to eliminate ants here.

The appearance of ants is not a problem exclusive to houses with parks or gardens; It also affects those who live in apartments and, with surprise, one day they discover a black row of ants that sets off the alarm signal and triggers the question: How to fight ants? Visit Ever Pest Ultrasonic Pest Repellers for safe approaches

The universe of ant killers is large and can generate new questions: How can I remove ants from the garden without damaging the plants? What precautions should be taken when using an ant removal product? How can I make a homemade ant repellent? Find in this article the answer to all those questions, and I also discovered 13 ways to eliminate ants at home with natural methods.

Products Remove Ants: Precautions

Before you start using any ant killer, it is very important to read the product label. Beyond the useful tips, pay close attention to the risks and contraindications of each one. Always leave them out of the reach of children and pets, as they are the ones most at risk of poisoning if they ingest the product by accident. In the case of adults, the risk is in contact with the skin or inhalation. It is important:

  1. Apply the ant killer product early in the morning or in the evening.
  2. Avoid using them when it is about to rain (or after a storm).
  3. Keep and use aerosols away from fire.
  4. Do not spray ant poison on food.
  5. Do not use them preventively or use more than necessary when it comes to an aerosol product.
  6. Also, do not empty the aerosol in enclosed or unventilated places, such as cabinets and closets.
  7. Wait between two and four hours before re-entering the environment where the ant killer was sprayed and ventilated properly.

As always, prevention is better than cure. Instead of having to hopelessly get to use these products to exterminate ants. It’s good to start by learning some tricks beforehand to prevent ants. Home cleaning should also be reinforced, especially that of cupboards, surfaces such as countertops or tables, and corners where crumbs or food remains tend to accumulate.

How To Prevent And Eliminate Ants At Home

When summer arrives, the presence of these invasive little tenants increases. There are several ways to treat ants, some of them are:

  1. Industrial products in powder, aerosol, or gel. They are available at supermarkets or hardware stores. I read your label very well. We recommend avoiding them at home if you have small children or pets.
  2. Place weather stripping. Sometimes the solution to exterminate ants is simple as putting weather stripping on doors to prevent their passage.
  3. Place anti-ant barriers. They are placed, above all, around the trees and are ideal to prevent them from climbing them.
  4. Home remedies to curb ants: We can eliminate them with homemade products. Below, we tell you 13 homemade tips to eliminate ants.
  5. Ultrasonic repellents. They plug into the wall and generate ultrasonic waves that scare away ants. Visit to read more about this device.

Safe and Non-toxic Ways to Kill Ants

How To Exterminate Fire Ants

If you stepped on an anthill of fire ants as a child, you will know how annoying it can be to be stung by one of these little ants. Fire ants have a stinger that they use to sting anything that bothers them. On some occasions, if you are stung several times, it may be necessary to seek medical attention. To eliminate small and red ants try this:

  1. Specific companies. If you are allergic or if the ant colony is very large, it is best to seek expert help.
  2. Specific products to treat red ants.
  3. Remember to follow the instructions on the package.
  4. Baits to exterminate red ants. The bait is a poison combined with food. The ants transport the bait to the anthill, which is why it is ideal if you do not know where they are staying in your house.

In addition to these methods that we tell you about, there are many more ways to eliminate ants from the garden at home, in a homemade way. Discover them below.

DIY Ants Poison

To exterminate ants at home, you don’t necessarily have to resort to industrial products. There are many homemade alternatives to eliminate ants from plants, the kitchen, inside furniture, or wherever they have made an anthill.

  • Cinnamon, mint, or tea bags help to drive away ants. Scatter them around the area.
  • Coffee is Another very effective natural poison for ants. The smell will repel the ants. Place the coffee beans or ground coffee remains in strategic points, such as the patio or inside the kitchen cabinet.
  • White pepper Prepare a solution of equal parts of white pepper and water. I diluted the pepper well and spread the liquid over the area where the ants are. You can cover the trunk of trees to prevent them from climbing.
  • Clove (species) This plant has a very strong and annoying smell. Place the species in the area where the ants circulate.
  • Baby powder or chalk Spread the talc or chalk powder along the path of the ants and you will see how they will not dare to return.
  • Detergent Mix two parts of water with one part of a detergent such as Cif Bio Active in a bottle. Shake the mixture and spread it along the path of the ants.
  • Yeast Yeast is a very irritating solution for ants. Mix 100 grams of yeast with 1 liter of water. Put the solution in jars and distribute them around the patio or inside the house to scare away the ants.
  • Rice is A very effective solution to eliminating ants in the anthill. Place some cooked grains on the ground and let them take them away. Once there, the heat causes the rice to ferment and kills the ants inside.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: Among everything that bicarbonate does, it also eliminates ants and, on top of that, it is very simple. It is enough to spread the bicarbonate around the plants or where they circulate.
  • Salt or coal ash Use them in the same way as bicarbonate.
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