Zayn Malik seems to have gotten himself a new face tattoo and here’s what the picture reveals

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Zayn Malik is one of those celebrity singers who owns a passionate love for tattoos, and we know him quite well for it, just like many others including Justin Bieber, Travis Barker and BTS’ Jungkook to name a few.

Well, there supposes to be a new addition to this wonderful tattoo compilation, and we aren’t surprised!

Zayn Malik’s recent Instagram picture, posted on July 31, reveals what exactly this piece of tattoo is and where is it really located, somewhere definitely hard to spot, and this might be the reason why fans certainly missed this coming.



However some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice this minor change in the artist’s appearance, spotting a brand new tattoo sitting at the man’s jawline right away, with Zayn debuting a face tattoo among all his others.

Fans seem to be amazed at the fact, taking to Twitter to flood the site with discussions and debates, as they talk about the significance of the masterpiece and what it exactly reads.

Some say it is a quote in Latin while the others claim it reads “Do More”.

Whatever the tattoo may signify, we are sure it reflects a deep family significance as usually all his other designs have been, be it his beau Gigi’s eyes or baby Khai’s name inked on his wrist, most of them being in Arabic.

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