YouTuber GeorgeNotFound’s uncanny resemblance to Shawn Mendes is making fans go crazy!


Minecraft star dream who recently rose to fame from a Gaming YouTube channel account during this pandemic claimed that twitch streamer who also has a YouTube gaming account GeorgeNotFound has an uncanny resemblance with Canadian Pop-star, singer, songwriter Shawn Mendes.  

The story began when Dream started merch voice chat with his fans on discord, remarked on the similarity between the looks of his fellow streamer and the ‘Senorita’ singer.  

It was just then when Twitter was completely on fire flooded with tweets about how GeorgeNotFound is a completely different person who looks like Shawn Mendes after his hair is pushed back.  

Some fans also remarked that he somewhat looked like former one direction, ‘Pillowtalk,’ singer Zayn Malik with a loose strand of hair falling on his forehead.  

The most interesting thing about George Hendry Davidson aka GerorgeNotFound is that he is colour-blind and, he was able to achieve this massive success through Minecraft, which undoubtedly gets very tough if you cannot differentiate between the colors.  

GeorgeNotFound, (24), is one of the most celebrated Minecraft gaming personalities online with over massive 9 million subscribers on YouTube, and also has 3 million Instagram followers. Therefore, we are sure that his fan following is big enough to make the Canadian Pop-star aware about his doppelganger, who has been hiding in plain sight with just a different hairstyle.

Twitter fans cannot stop talking about the new Shawn Mendes in town who is on Twitch and YouTube and plays Minecraft, and we can’t either.  

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