Yaksha_ Ruthless Operations Ending, Explained

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Ending, Explained: Is Ozawa going to die? What Goes to His Moles List?


When an unsuspecting prosecutor arrives in the industrial city of Shenyang, he finds himself in the middle of a multi-national espionage fight. The spy action film from South Korea digs into the complicated plans and counter-plans of opposing intelligence services from China, Japan, and South Korea, resulting in a tangled narrative of secrets. The action is never far away, as Ji-Hoon, a normally desk-bound prosecutor, is paired with Yaksha, the legendary maverick secret agent “affectionately” known as a human-devouring spirit.

As Yaksha strives to take possession of an essential target before his opponents, a diverse cast of people is drawn into the fast-paced quest. If the movie left you with a lot of unanswered questions, we’ve got the solutions! Let’s look at ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ in more detail. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Story Synopsis 

The film begins with a flashback in which Kang-inn, aka Yaksha, is the victim of a brutal attack. Yaksha fades away after killing the double-crossing agent who puts him in danger. Four years later, we meet South Korean prosecutor Ji-Hoon, who is attempting to bring down Chairman Lee, the CEO of a large multinational corporation, for tax evasion. Unfortunately, Ji-Hoon makes a critical error in his procedure, allowing Lee to walk free and relegating the prosecutor to a sleepy National Intelligence Service office (NIS). Ji-Hoon volunteers for a mission to the besieged town of Shenyang, which borders North Korea, in an attempt to be reinstated.

Because of its nearness to North Korea, Shenyang is a hotspot for spies from all over the world. Ji-Hoon has been tasked with determining why the South Korean intelligence branch in Shenyang has been sending false reports. Soon after arriving in town, the unwitting prosecutor finds himself in the midst of a gun battle. He gets to meet Yaksha, the renegade head of the South Korean intelligence desk in Shenyang, under these violent circumstances.

After initially being ignored, Ji-Hoon eventually persuades Yaksha that he means business, and the latter uncovers the situation. Every spy agency in Shenyang is vying to apprehend Moon, a North Korean defector who controls the dictatorial Kim family’s multi-trillion dollar fund. Ji-Hoon suspects the Shenyang agents want the money for themselves because he is suspicious of Yaksha and his loyal team’s motives. When Moon is discovered dead and his daughter, who holds a vital secret, is apprehended by the Japanese intelligence agency led by the super-agent Ozawa, a larger plot emerges.

It quickly becomes clear that Yaksha and Ozawa have a long history of rivalry, which includes the brutal attack on the former four years ago. With Moon’s daughter in Ozawa’s custody, Yaksha and his team, which includes Ji-Hoon, devise a plan to rescue her from the Japanese consulate. After the mission is successful, Moon’s daughter confirms that her father has provided her with a list of secret agents from all over the world, which she has hidden on a remote server only she has access to.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Ending Explained

Eventually, after a series of twists and turns, Yaksha and his squad, as well as Han, obtain the list, and Ozawa is slain by Yaksha. They also learn that the chairman of the NIS is also a mole working for Ozawa, which they find shocking. In the last encounter, Yaksha orders Han to prosecute her to the full extent of his ability, and the two of them are on their way to a nuclear explosion. Han is reinstated to his prior post as a public prosecutor at the conclusion of the film, and he receives a phone call from Yaksha. Yaksha informs Han that he is carrying out his responsibilities and that he requires his assistance.

Yaksha Ruthless Operations Ending Explained
Yaksha Ruthless Operations Ending Explained

Yaksha is pretending to be a dead man because he has a hunch that something is amiss with the espionage operations, which leads me to believe this. As a result, in order to conduct a thorough investigation without any hindrance, he pretends to die. In the final image, we see him dialing Han’s phone number from London. It appears to indicate that he is now in London for certain operations. He may require Han’s assistance in connection with some legal matters, which will be revealed in the next chapter of the film. Whatever happens at the end of the film, fans will be thrilled to see their favorite characters on the big screen once more.

Is Ozawa going to die? What Goes to His Moles List?

Ozawa is one of the few opponents who can compete with Yaksha, which makes their rivalry highly compelling. It is revealed that the Japanese spy defected from his intelligence organization and established his own network of moles or double agents strategically placed throughout the world.

Finally, it appears as though Ozawa is murdered. Interestingly, the film does not depict any deaths on-screen, instead of relying on the sound and flash of bullets to indicate the death of a character. This is occasionally utilized to deceive audiences, as with NIS Director Yeom Jeong-won, with whom Yaksha is seen shooting multiple shots at.

Given the fierce rivalry between Ozawa and Yaksha and the latter’s promise to exact revenge on the Japanese agent, Ozawa is very certainly killed in the film’s conclusion by the final gunshot. Notably, regardless of whether Ozawa is alive or dead, his list is distributed to intelligence agencies worldwide, effectively decimating the rogue Japanese agent’s spy network. Thus, Ozawa is very certainly slain, and the basis of his influence, his espionage network, is obliterated.

In the end, what happens to Ji-Hoon?

Ji-Hoon is reassigned to Seoul and rehired as a government prosecutor. Most notably, upon his come back, he is able to resume his previously stalled investigation into Chairman Lee. Due to the public release of Ozawa’s list, a number of agents and incriminating transactions are discovered in Lee’s company. As a result, the film concludes on a very satisfying note, with the prosecutor finally being able to bring the arrogant boss to justice.

Ji-Hoon appears to have developed a taste for violent spy missions, as evidenced by Yaksha’s call. The latter claims that he will need Ji-assistance Hoon’s in bringing down an especially ominous villain, and the prosecutor appears eager to help. It remains to be seen how Ji-Hoon will balance his responsibilities as a prosecutor and a potential spy, but it appears that our hero may have picked up some rule-breaking tips from Yaksha as well.

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