why did max break up with moriah

Why Did Max Break Up With Moriah: Max Kallschmidt And Moriah Plath Are No Longer Together, But Why?


Welcome to Plathville came back for its fourth season with some shocking news, like the fact that Max Kallschmidt and Moriah Plath are no longer together. When people heard about the breakup, they were naturally interested in what went wrong in the relationship. Some thought that Max may have cheated on Moriah. Now, Max has given his side of the story about why they broke up. Read on to find out more.

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Did Max Cheat On Moriah On ‘Welcome To Plathville’?

Fans began to think that Max and Moriah had broken up because they stopped talking to each other on social media months before the show came back. Max started his own YouTube channel in February 2022, partly because of how well he did on the show. He posted a video in which he talked about why he and his girlfriend broke up.

Max said in a video that has since been taken down that the two were always fighting and that they tried to fix their relationship for two months and then didn’t talk for a third while they worked on themselves before they finally broke up. Moriah made the call, and the breakup happened in November 2021. Max also said in the video that he didn’t want to be in Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville.

Max didn’t say for sure, but he hinted that at least part of the reason they broke up was because he had cheated. Max said that what happened was an event, and that event was a turning point in their relationship that led to many other problems. Max explained that he didn’t have sex with anyone else, but he “did cross some boundaries.”

Max said that he told Moriah the truth about what happened, and Moriah broke up with him over the phone as soon as she found out. He then says that since the breakup, he’s been focusing on himself and working on self-worth and other issues that make him feel bad about himself.

Max Shared That He Kissed Another Girl In Season 4 Of ‘welcome To Plathville.’

Max told Micah in Season 4, Episode 2 of Welcome to Plathville, “I really messed up, man.” Max went on to say that the cheating happened while he was at a work friend’s house celebrating his retirement.

“He invited over a girl he liked, so I tried to be his wingman,” he said. “So I went a little bit too far. I was just flirting with her, but she thought it was okay to try to kiss me because of what I said.”

Max went on: “I told Moriah, “Look, this is what happened,” and then, like an idiot, I said, “I’m glad I didn’t let it get too bad.” She broke up with me, you know.”

Micah told his friend, “I’m really f—-ing disappointed in you,” and he didn’t try to hide it.

On “Welcome To Plathville,” Moriah Also Talked About The Breakup.

On the new season of Welcome to Plathville, we first heard Max’s side of the story. But Moriah also talked about the breakup. Moriah didn’t say much, but she did say that she and Max were no longer together. She also said that the whole thing had left her feeling hopeless and wondering if she still wanted to date anyone.

Max and Moriah started dating in the second season of the show, which is also when Moriah brought Max home for the first time to meet her parents. After that, Moriah and Max were together for the rest of the third season, and it seemed like they were still close.

Since they are no longer together, it’s safe to say that Max won’t be on Welcome to Plathville very often. It seems likely that we’ll find out if and when Moriah starts dating again.

You can watch new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on TLC or the Discovery Plus app at 10 p.m. EST.


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