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Johnny v. Amber: Who Is Johnny Depp Dating Now After Divorce With Amber Heard?

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Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard and his court battles with her have drawn a lot of attention to their relationships. Depp’s love story has included a colorful cast of It Girls and more than ten years of contentment with Vanessa Paradis (the mother of his children), before ending with Heard’s abusive and poisonous marriage. Depp’s love story is documented, from pre-fame and notoriety.

How many wives has Johnny Depp had Before Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp’s dating history is littered with love and bitter breakups. In the midst of his defamation suit with ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been making headlines. The facts, which range from horrifying call records to charges of assault, are not only startling but have undoubtedly turned the tables. Before Amber Heard, who was the actor dating? Let’s take a look back at some of the prolific actor’s past relationships.

Depp is a divorcé who has been married twice. Heard and Lori Anne Allison was his ex-wives.

While fans are following the trial closely, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star is notorious for attracting a lot of media attention due to his personal life. The actor’s name has already been linked to a number of Hollywood’s leading ladies. The list is diverse, ranging from Jennifer Grey to Amber Heard. Let’s take a look at all of Johnny Depp’s dating history’s specifics and lesser-known facts.

Is Johnny Depp Dating After Divorce With Amber Heard?

In the year 2022, Johnny Depp has not officially stated that he is dating anyone, and he is currently single.

He had a romantic relationship last year with Sophie Hermann, a British model and reality star of 35 years.

After appearing on Made in Chelsea, she rose to fame as a model, fashion designer, and actor.

Although neither of them has addressed romance rumors, there is hope that they will in September 2020.

According to The Mirror, the couple became close after meeting at London’s Corinthia Hotel in the middle of 2020.

Sophie placed a piece of paper with her number on it between the strings of her guitar.

It’s not clear if they ever got together, despite her being called his “girlfriend” in various publications like The List.

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Let’s Take a Look At Johnny Depp’s Past Relationships!

 Lori Anne Allison 1983 – 1985

Depp’s first notable relationship was his marriage. Depp married Lori Anne Allison when he was 20 years old, in 1983.

Allison was born in 1957, making her 6 years older than Depp at the time of their marriage.

She was the sister of the bassist for Depp’s band at the time, The Kids. Despite the fact that the pair met in their home state of Florida, they quickly relocated to California.

Allison became a successful make-up artist and was instrumental in getting her then-husband one of his first major breaks in the acting world by introducing him to client Nicholas Cage.

While Depp pursued a series of odd jobs, Allison became a successful make-up artist and was instrumental in getting her then-husband one of his first major breaks in the acting world by introducing him to client Nicholas Cage. Depp’s breakthrough performance in A Nightmare on Elm Street was aided by the actor.

Unfortunately, Depp’s youth and the early stages of his successful acting career were not conducive to a long-term relationship. The couple divorced in 1985 due to irreconcilable reasons, although they are still friends.

Lori still works as a professional make-up artist under her married name, Lori A. Depp, and has celebrity clients including Adam Ant and Christina Applegate. Depp also has his own Serendeppity lip gloss brand.

Sherilyn Fenn 1986 – 1989

She was wooed by the charmer himself. Sherilyn was in love with a lot of people, and she was very happy. “We went out for two-and-a-half years when we were just starting out in the business,” she said. He was very nice.

He was my first real love. I had found true love. It was with someone who was on the same path, but even if he wasn’t, the love and connection were strong enough to do things like cook meals, hang out, laugh, and cry together.


Though the relationship looks like it’s full of romance and stars, the person later broke up with them. Besides, they’re still friends, too.

Jennifer Grey 1989

A short-lived relationship didn’t stop Jennifer and Depp from having a steamy relationship, and it was rumored that they were going to get married. They thought about getting married in 1990, but before that could happen, the couple broke up with each other.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder
Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder 1989 – 1993

During Generation X, this was the most well-known relationship of all time. There is no doubt that they were the “It” couple. It was only five months after they met each other at Chateau Marmont that they got married.

In fact, Depp even had her name tattooed on his body, with the words “Winona Forever,” to show how much he loved her.

He said, “I’m being very honest with you when I say that there hasn’t been anything like the way I feel with Winona in the 27 years I’ve been alive.

There’s nothing else like it.” Like an atom that is bound together or something. You can think something is real, but when you feel it, it’s different.

Everyone thought they were going to get married before they broke up. But Ryde is still very close to Depp, and she even testified for him.

Juliette Lewis 1993

Depp is a playboy, so Juliette and Depp found each other after they broke up with each other. It was their movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grate. They were both in it. But this was just a short-term relationship that didn’t last long before it broke up soon after.

Kate Moss 1994 – 1998

There were a lot of “fairy tale romances” that happened in the decade, but Depp and Kate Moss may have been the most representative of the over-the-top celebrity culture that happened at that time. In 1994, the two met at Cafe Tabac in the East Village, which was a favorite hangout for celebrities of the ’80s.

They began a four-year relationship that was filled with highs and lows. According to PageSix, Johnny Depp once trashed a hotel room at the Upper East Side’s Mark Hotel with Moss in a way that was “fit for rock and royalty.”

Depp blamed the incident on an armadillo he said he saw in the closet. Depp later had to pay $9,767 for hotel damage.


“Nobody has ever really been able to take care of me,” Moss told Vanity Fair after their breakup in 1998. Johnny did for a little while, but then he stopped.

I thought he was right. In that case, he’d say, “What should I do?” When I left, I missed that. I lost that sense of who I could trust. Nightmare. Thousands and Thousands of tears have been cried for years and years So many tears!

Vanessa Paradis 1998 – 2012

After they met on the set of The Ninth Gate, Depp started dating French actress and singer, Paradis, who is also a singer. In the beginning, it looked like his search was over. Finally, he had found someone with whom he could live and start a family.

In 1999, Paradis gave birth to Depp’s first child, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, in the singer’s home country of France. Jack Depp had a son named John Christopher “Jack” Depp III in 2002.

As for becoming a father, Depp told the Associated Press, “You can’t plan the kind of love that leads to children.” Fatherhood was not a decision that I made. Part of the great trip I was on. It was fate. Math finally worked.

johnny depp and Vanessa Paradis
johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

They broke up in 2012 after 14 years together. People in Paradise didn’t have a lot of fun Afterward, Depp said, “It was hard on me. It was hard on the kids. I care about these people, and they are the mother of my kids, so I will always know them and be in their lives because of my kids. It doesn’t change that. You should make the best of what you have.

Amber Heard (2012 – 2017)

During the filming of The Rum Diary, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met each other for the first time back in 2009. After they broke up with their other partners, Depp and Heard began an intense and volatile relationship.

They wed in a civil ceremony in February of that year. She filed for divorce and later got a temporary restraining order against Depp.

The marriage was rocky, to say the least, so she did both. When the couple agreed to divorce in 2016, their divorce was finalized in January 2017, and they lived together again.

Amber Heard and johnny Depp
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

“The relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love,” the New York Times said in a joint statement. For the money, neither party has accused the other of making up a story.

There was never any plan to hurt anyone physically or emotionally, but the couple has been very acrimonious in the years since, which led to the ongoing defamation lawsuit in Virginia.

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