watchos 9 Release Date

WatchOS 9 Release Date: Features, Details And Everything You Need To Know


Apple announced watchOS 9, which will replace watchOS 8 on Apple Watch 7 and later, at WWDC 2022.

It has a whole new look for the Apple Watch 7 and earlier models, but it won’t work with the Apple Watch 3, even though it’s still for sale. It also has better running metrics, better sleep tracking, more medical features, and a lot more watch faces.

Here’s what was said at the latest keynote and when you can expect to get your hands on the new software.

watchOS 9: Release Date Details

On June 6, 2022, Apple will talk about watchOS 9 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. WWDC is Apple’s annual conference where it shows off all of its new operating systems and gives developers a chance to try them out the same day by releasing a beta version for developers.

This year, the same should happen with watchOS 9. You can expect to hear about it at WWDC 2022. On the same day, a beta for developers will be made available. Soon after that, a public beta of watchOS 9 should come out, but it might not come out until the middle of June at the earliest.

As usual, the final version of watchOS 9 will be available to the public in September. We think that watchOS 9 will come out around the middle of September 2022.

watchOS 9: New Features

watchOS 9 will have a lot of new features. First, four new watch faces were announced: a reworked Astronomy face, a Lunar face that works with Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew calendars, a Playtime face with interactive, fun numbers, and a Metropolitan face with fog that moves as you turn the crown.

Facelifts are also being done to older faces. Apple said that they “improved and updated the complications on some of the most classic watch faces, like Utility, Simple, and Activity Analog.” They also let you change the colour of the background on favorites like Modular and X-Large. Two faces, California and Typograph, now have Chinese scripts as options. Portraits also show the “depth effect” on more photos, such as cats, dogs, and landscapes.

watchOS 9 adds new banner alerts and the ability to pin active apps to the top of watch faces. Search and Listen Now will be controllable with the crown on the Apple Watch when listening to podcasts on the go. Call it lets you start calls and put them on hold. There were also talks about six new keyboard languages.

watchos 9
watchOS 9

watchOS 9: Fitness Features

Here is a lot of new stuff. watchOS 9 adds three new running form metrics to track how well you run. This is done by using machine learning to separate your arm swing from your torso movement. Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation are all new metrics in watchOS 9, and they can be added to new Workout Views that are easier to read.

Metrics like splits and elevation gain have been changed. You can also check your Heart Rate Zone, which is something Fitbit and Polar have been able to do for a while. But you can add custom alerts that are worn on your wrist and let you know when you are in or out of certain heart rate zones. This lets you train for specific goals and fitness levels.

Also, interval workouts can help you improve certain metrics with custom workouts. The new Power metric can be tracked in real-time while running, hiking, cycling, doing functional strength training, and other activities.

With its multi-sport mode, Apple wants to take Garmin’s crown. The new model for triathlons will let you switch between swimming, cycling, and running without having to do anything. Also, Apple says: “Now, swimmers can keep track of how well they are doing with a SWOLF score, which is made up of the number of strokes and the number of seconds it takes to swim one length of the pool. In the workout summary, users can see their average SWOLF for each set.”

Apple Fitness+ is finally getting more help. HIIT, Cycling, Rowing, and Treadmill workouts with Fitness+ can now show you instructions on the screen of your watch. Strokes per Minute (SPM) for rowing, revolutions per minute (RPM) for cycling, and incline for walkers and runners are all included in this advice.

Fitness+ members also no longer need Apple TV to stream workouts. Users can now use AirPlay to stream workouts and meditations to third-party TVs and other smart devices that are compatible.

watchOS 9: Health, Sleep And Wellness

The Sleep app can track your stages of sleep and tell you if you’re in light, deep, or REM sleep. So far, there’s nothing new, but the watch can help you advance “the science of sleep” by letting you share your data with scientists who study sleep through the Research app.

With the catchy-sounding Afib History, heart health gets a big boost. This feature looks at how your lifestyle choices, like how much you exercise, sleep, and how much you weigh, affect your heart health and your atrial fibrillation. Apple thinks that the FDA will soon approve AFib History, which will let you use your AH in a medical setting.

You can also use your watch or the Health app on your phone to keep track of and manage your medications. You can make lists of your medications or use the camera on your iPhone to keep track of them by scanning the label. This will add the medication to your list.

watchos 9 Revealed
watchOS 9 Revealed

Every year, 250k people are hospitalized in the US because of drug interactions, which is when two or more drugs react with each other after being taken. Apple can now look at your list of medications to see if you are likely to have critical, serious, or mild drug interactions. This works with Health Sharing. You can easily ask your family to share their health information with you.

watchOS 9: Supportive Devices

We just found out that watchOS 9 will work on the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6, but it will also work on Series 4 devices.

This is great news if you have an older watch because it means you can still use many of the features shown off during the keynote.

Will Apple Watch Get watch OS 9?

If Apple sticks to how it has always released new products, WatchOS 9 should come out in September. Apple usually releases new watch models and software at the same time, but 2021 will be an exception.


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