Watch out for this African Pop Icon! Checkout the Top 10 bangers by Wizkid, as the artist turns 31 today


Can you name any famous artists that are African and are thriving in the lavish music industry? You probably won’t be able to. But there is one artist who has done that, coming straight from Africa is WizKid!

The artist has released back-to-back bangers and has taken home not one, but THREE Billboard Music Awards! 

Wizkid is certainly at the top of the scene right now!

And to celebrate this striking moment, we have arranged the ultimate list of fabulous Wizkid songs

1. Essence 


This recently released song by WizKid is the most famous song of his. Also, it is notable to note that this is the FIRST Nigeran Song in the History of debut on Billboard hot 100! Nigeran’s are certainly proud of the artist.

2.Holla at your boy


After struggling for so long, the artist of this 2010 song ‘Holla At your boy’ did the magic! This is where it all began for the African pop star and introduced him to the limelight. 

3. Pakuromu 


This is the ultimate party song of Wizkid! Released in 2011, the official music video was packed with superstars, which made the song 100% more enjoyable.

4. Baba Nla


The hit single was released in 2015. This song is especially special for fans as this was his first song after taking a long break. 

5. Joy

Talking about Wizkid songs and not mentioning Joy, impossible! This song beautifully narrates Wizkid’s relationship with his mother and how much he loves and adores her. 

6. Ojuelegba


Every video viral on the internet about Wizkid, you will ALWAYS see him perform Ojuelegba. This is the song that finally gave him the status of an international artist.



This song came as a breath of fresh air, as the music sounded very different from all his other songs. Conveying the artist is not afraid of changing his way of producing music



This 2018 released single is THE song to play at clubs as it is about money and alcohol! You can always hear this song play to clubs all over Africa


This 2018 of Wizkid perfectly portrays that he can challenge different gents and nail it! This song of his walks us through his search for a girl named Caro. Did he find her? Well, only he can answer it.

10. Fake Love


This banger perfectly tells us that WizKid’s voice can fit any style of music and he thrives solely on pure talent!

Which Wizkid Song is your favourite?

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