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Was Gerri Willis Married To Bruce Willis? Know The Truth Here!!

Fans of Gerri Willis and Bruce Willis are curious as to whether the two were ever married. This article seeks to answer this question by revealing all pertinent details and the real condition of their relationship. Explore the specifics to satiate your curiosity and learn more about these well-known people’s personal lives.

Was Gerri Willis Married To Bruce Willis?

Fox Business’s The Willis Report was formerly hosted by Gerri Willis, a television news journalist, Bruce Willis and Gerri Willis were not married. There isn’t any proof that Bruce and Gerri Willis are connected or related. The renowned personalities are married to different people.

Was Gerri Willis Married To Bruce Willis
Was Gerri Willis Married To Bruce Willis

Who Is Gerri Willis’s Husband?

In 1994, Gerri Willis wed David Evans. He too is a graduate of Columbia University. The lovely pair frequently posts pictures on Instagram together.

You can see one such post below:


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Who Is The Wife Of Bruce Willis?

Renowned Hollywood actor Bruce Willis is most recognized for his parts in Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, and Die Hard. Actress Demi Moore was his first spouse from 1987 to 2000. Bruce wed model Emma Heming following his split from Demi. In the middle of this, you can also read about Is Carl Lentz and Laura Lentz still together.

2007 saw their initial meeting. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis were married on March 21, 2009. Bruce and Emma Heming Willis celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary with a lovely vow renewal ceremony on March 21, 2019. “We said, we do, again, 10 years later,” Heming wrote in an Instagram picture.

Here is an Instagram post uploaded by Emma Heming:

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis welcomed their first child together on April 1, 2012. The baby girl Emma gave birth to is named Mabel Ray Willis. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis welcomed their second daughter into their family on May 5, 2014. Their second daughter is named Evelyn Penn Willis.

Take a look at the picture below:

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